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Clearfind intakes your software needs and matches you to vendors. It’s free, fast, and easy.

Find the best software with speed, clarity, and ease. No jargon, no bias, no cost to you.

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Choose the software category of interest, and input your software preferences into our Smart Match system.

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Clearfind Smart Match will assess your preferences against every product and feature to find the right partners for you.

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Clearfind does the hard work of bringing your matches up to speed on your needs; we then introduce you to the right people.

Thousands of software products, researched end-to-end

Clearfind is the pro-software-data, anti-software reviews company. We believe in unbiasedly assessing each product via independent research instead of unreliable anecdotes.

  • 500+ software categories analyzed
  • 100+ independent researchers per category
  • Every product's features, accurately mapped

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Combine your company knowledge with our algorithm — we’ll consider all possible software matches. Together, we'll find the best software for you and your business.

  • Thousands of simulations to arrive at your match
  • Our Smart Match system effortlessly intakes your needs
  • Every report checked by a professional analyst

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James Layfield — Founder, CEO