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Scan your software ecosystem to find out what you own. Analyze that data to find redundancies. Save 20-30% of your software costs and re-allocate to other initiatives. 


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Cut Costs In Software, Not People


Now that the recession is biting, it’s more important than ever to reduce costs. You know there are inefficiencies in your software ecosystem. They’re just hard to find. Consulting companies take 6-18 months. Clearfind works in minutes.


Committees find it hard to effectively cut costs. Employees want to keep their favorite tools. And desperate vendors don’t want to lose your business. We’ve created the only fact-based solution on the market that works with a binary, unbiased set of data.


In large organizations, the last thing you want is to cancel a tool that people halfway across the world rely on. With Clearfind, you can make decisions with 100% confidence.


We have millions of data points on the capabilities of each software tool and you’ll have access to this information instantly. Whether it’s cloud, on-prem, legacy… if you own software, we’ll find out what it does, and analyze it to see if you really need it.

The Entire Process Is Risk-Free For You

We simply take a % when you action the


Improving Cross Department Collaboration


Reducing Support Costs


Making Renewals Manageable


Reducing Security Risks


Enabling More Effective Vendor Terms


Improving Efficiency Between Departments

(Optional) Scan Your Entire Ecosystem

Most of the enterprises we work with don’t even know what software they own. If this is the case, we can do a quick scan for you to get that data.


Give us the readout from your SAM tool

We can take an output from any SAM tool, accounting software, or from our scan. All we need is the names of the vendors and the products you own.


Plug the information into our AI

The AI then uses our feature database to analyze every possible combination of your software in a way no human ever could.


Instant Savings

Our dashboard will instantly show you the consolidation opportunities. Of course, you don’t have to action everything. We simply give you the data. Takes 2 seconds (and free).


User Feedback Round

We then use AI to rapidly gather feedback from your users, free of bias. This isn’t about sentiment, it’s purely based on what they use the tool for. 1-5 days.


Delivers actionable scorecard

People pay consulting firms 6-18 months and multiple millions for these scorecards. Ours gets created instantly, giving you detailed analysis to make a final call.

Get In Touch

Cancel & re-negotiate with vendors

We’re happy to do this, but most of our clients prefer to do it themselves. Once you have the data, you can cancel the redundancies & re-negotiate better deals.

6-18 months of consulting, in a few days

We’re the only software rationalization company in the world
with this technology.

Before Clearfind (doing this with human sucks)

Identify software redundancy

clock1-3 months

Interview employees (bias)

clock2-4 months

Research each software company (bias)

clock2-6 months

Create a scorecard (bias)

clock1-2 months

Manually interview employees again

clock2-3 months

Total average: 12 months

With Our AI

AI automatically identify software redundancy


AI creates unbiased scorebord


AI surveys employees & suggest which software can be elimited

clock1-5 days

Total average: 1-5 days

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Calculate how much you could reclaim

If you want to know the exact figure, our analysis is free.

Clearfind Average Calculation

We can save companies like yours an average of:

“Clearfind is a market-defining product. The data the platform has is one of a kind.”

Phil, CDW, the world’s largest software retailer

“Clearfind saved me three times the cost of their product within the first 7 days. We have never seen this depth of analysis nor speed of consensus in a software project.”

Joseph Couture, Vice President of IT at Atlantic Power Corporation

“Clearfind just works, their data enables me to make better, smarter decisions. It genuinely knows a software’s features better than any human could, more than the vendors do”.

Steve Rubman, head of IT @ Clearview Healthcare partners

The Real Reason We’re Doing This:
A win-win for the world

At a time when we desperately need positive news, 15% of the money you
save directly funds our sister charity, Awesomage.


Goes back to your pocket



Clearfind charges


We give 15% to support orphans

A word from our founder

Hi, I’m James Layfield the founder of Clearfind & Awesomage.

I just want to say THANK YOU for considering working with us. People like you, and companies like yours, are truly helping us to change the world.

15% of every dollar we save you goes directly to providing food, shelter, and education to the kids who need it most.

We’re on a mission to support 1 million kids with our Awesomages over the next ten years, and you can help us do that today by simply boosting your revenue.

So help us, help you, help save these kids. Choose to work with Clearfind & Awesomage to do your part for your company, and for the planet.

Thank you!

You don’t pay us, we pay you

The analysis is free.
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