Leads have never looked as good as this

Let your product speak for itself — we match buyer-needs to features your product offers, and every interaction is guaranteed.

Get new, highly qualified leads every day

  • Every lead is guaranteed
  • See how you rank in solving buyer's needs
  • See how you compare to other competitors
  • Control which leads you want to pursue

Everything you need to close the deal

  • See relevant buyer details via their profile
  • Understand the buyer's needs and how you fit
  • Get a sense of the buyer’s budget
  • Track whether you won or lost a deal

How we get you great leads

Buyers trust our matches because they’re unbiased, rooted in data, and easy to understand.

Your product is researched

Clearfind's extensive human and machine learning process is used to research your product's capabilities. We then appropriately log our findings to a centralized database.

Buyers tell us what they need

Clearfind intakes buyer needs through a detailed survey — our algorithm runs thousands of simulations against the database to find the best match vendors. Buyers then request a meeting with the vendors they're interested in.

We match and introduce you

If Clearfind finds that your product ranks in the top 5 for solving the buyer’s needs, and if the buyer wants to meet you, we’ll notify you. You’ll get everything you need to make a great first impression and we then proceed with a warm introduction.

Getting started is free and easy

“We’ll save you weeks of work. Let our analysts run a software search for you for free ”

James Layfield — Founder, CEO