Referral SaaSquatch


  • Drip Marketing
    Sends marketing information to prospects repeatedly over periods of time in order to nurture prospects or leads through the marketing funnel
  • Campaign Management
    Organize, target, and manage multichannel marketing messages
  • Audience Targeting
    Target a subset of audience based on the users behaviors and information
  • Geo Targeting
    Target audience by location and send a specific message to people within this location
  • Drip Campaigns
    Sending marketing information to prospects repeatedly to increase familiarity and the possibility to convert to long term leads later
  • Targeted Alerts
    Segment contacts and enable notifications to be sent to specified individuals, groups, teams, customers, etc.
  • Dynamic Content
    Displays personalized content based on a user's past behavior, interaction with marketing automation content, or domain-side IP address
  • Event Marketing and Management
    Offer tools to assist with the marketing of virtual and physical events
  • CRM Integration
    Integrate with CRM software
  • Sender-Side Deliverability and Spam Compliance
    Check emails for likely spam traps, security or deliverability issues before they are sent
  • Campaing Budget Management
    Offers budget management and marketing spend tracking for individual tactics within a marketing campaign
  • Campaign Performance Analytics
    Tracks user behavior across executed campaigns or initiatives and reports on performance
  • Campaign Segmentation
    Divide subscribers into segments depending on subscriber information and behavior for analysis and targeting
  • Audience Segement Count
    Displays audience size based on the attributes that have been selected

Keywords: Crm IntegrationCampaign DevelopmentCampaign TestPerformance Monitoring

Friendbuy has Campaign Management
It supports Geo Targeting

Referral SaaSquatch has Campaign Management

Talon.One has Campaign Management

Voucherify has Campaign Management

  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

Friendbuy has AI/Machine Learning

Referral SaaSquatch has AI/Machine Learning

Talon.One has AI/Machine Learning

Voucherify does not have AI/Machine Learning

  • Candidate Management
    Move and monitor candidates through the hiring pipeline
  • Interview Scheduling
    Provides or integrates with tools to schedule interviews for candidates and applicants
  • Job Posting
    Post available jobs on an online job board/forum either directly or via integration
  • Job Requisition
    Create formal documentation to request new employees or new employment positions
  • Hiring Application Management
    Standardize and manage the physical or electronic application process throughout the hiring pipeline
  • Candidate Portal
    Provides an online space for candidates to personally manage their applications (check status, upload documents, view materials, etc.)
  • Job Sourcing
    Proactively search for qualified candidates for current and/or planned positions
  • Resume Parsing
    Scan uploaded resumés to extract, store, and organize information by keywords in a consistent manner
  • Job Discription Management
    Access to create and edit the description of a job posting
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    Contains features to promote diversity and inclusion during the hiring process
  • Interview Kits
    Provides information, suggestions, and directions on how to conduct a focused and purpose driven interview
  • Hiring Referral Monitoring
    Track whether candidates have been recommended by someone internally
  • E-Applications Management
    Manage online applications (review, move to next stage, decline)
  • Interview Practice Videos
    Allows candidates to record and see their video answers without sending it
  • Interviewer Question Bank
    Shows list of questions to the interviewer
  • Hiring Referral Incentives
    Create and manage incentives that encourage referrals
  • Candidate Filtering
    Sorts and filters potential candidates based on a specified criteria
  • Name Screening
    Automatically check to see if the user appears in any sanction lists or is tied to any negative media
  • Panel Interviews
    Conducts panel interviews between two or more members and a candidate
  • Pre-Recorded Interviews
    Records interviewer's questions and shows it as a video question to the candidate

Keywords: Application ManageApplicant ManagementAuto ScreenCandidate ManageCandidate PortalE ApplicationInterview SchedulingSchedule InterviewResume ParsingParse Resume

Friendbuy has Applicant Administration and Hiring
It supports Hiring Referral Incentives and Hiring Referral Monitoring

Referral SaaSquatch does not have Applicant Administration and Hiring

Talon.One has Applicant Administration and Hiring
It excels at Hiring Referral Incentives

Voucherify has Applicant Administration and Hiring
It supports Hiring Referral Monitoring

  • Email Inbox
    Aggregate emails into an inbox where messages can be received, searched and sorted
  • Email Integration
    Offers email integration so you can send emails from the platform
  • Email Marketing
    Create and configure and send email to entice the audience to attend events and be interested in the product or service
  • Email Archive
    Save and store emails for future use
  • Mailing List Management
    Manage mailing list contacts using tags, labels, etc.
  • Email Attachments
    Enable the addition of various file attachments to an email
  • Email Management
    Read and send emails within the software
  • Email Personalization and Dynamic Content
    Personalizes email content based on user attributes and online behavior
  • Email Templates
    Generate emails using pre-designed templates
  • WYSIWYG Email Editor
    Able to preview email within a template while building it
  • Device Previews
    Offers features to preview and troubleshoot emails on different devices, providers and browsers
  • Dedicated Email IP Address
    Offers a dedicated IP address for clients who want to send large amounts of email
  • Advanced Email Signatures
    Create, design, and utilize email signatures and disclaimers using a specialized tools that ensure consistency across an organization, and can support marketing campaigns and efforts.
  • Email Blocklist
    Blocklist potentially malicious email addresses
  • Email Confirmation
    Send confirmation emails and notifications after clients’ ticket purchases
  • Email Synchronization
    Synchronize email across multiple platforms/locations.
  • One Inbox
    Provide one inbox for all communication regardless the recipient (customer service agent)

Keywords: Email ArchiveEmail AttachmentsEmail InboxEmail ManagementContact ManagementSchedule EmailsSend EmailsRecieve EmailsMute Email ChainEmail SignaturesEmail Categories

Friendbuy has Email

Referral SaaSquatch has Email

Talon.One has Email

Voucherify has Email
It excels at Email Integration

  • Email Parsing
    Extract target data from emails
  • Mailing List Management
    Manage mailing list contacts using tags, labels, etc.
  • Send Time Optimization
    Uses artificial intelligence to schedule email sends for when individual users are most likely to open email
  • Scheduled Messaging
    Set messaging to deliver on specified dates and times
  • Progressive Messaging
    The ability to present a series of messages (a message flow or automation) to be presented to individual users in a specific order based on their past visits to the website or other behavior
  • Transactional Emails
    Automate email sends based on user relationship and user interactions
  • Personalized Video Messages
    Generate custom user videos to attach to messages sent to customer
  • Email HTML Banners
    Add HTML banners to your email
  • Auto-Tagging of Email Links
    Able to automatically add tags to links that can be tracked in external platforms through the email platform
  • Automatic Response Emails
    Automatically send follow up emails to users who complete the survey
  • Email Enrollment
    Enroll potential customers in automated email sequences
  • Email Verification
    Software automatically verifies all email addresses on file
  • Marketing Automation
    Chatbot integrates with marketing automation systems, including data from email, website behavior and SMS messaging
  • Newsletter Management
    Manages newsletters and sending dates
  • Schedule Email Sends
    Draft message and schedule it to send at a specified time

Keywords: Automate EmailsTrigger Emails

Friendbuy does not have Email Automation

Referral SaaSquatch does not have Email Automation

Talon.One does not have Email Automation

Voucherify has Email Automation
It supports Email HTML Banners

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Friendbuy has tmtoaiot nrnaoFmtuAgi

Referral SaaSquatch does not have noioutmmaoF Agttrtnai

Talon.One has Ftm ortnmtoaoiAitguan

Voucherify has rmgaoaio AottmniutntF

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Friendbuy has eiain itrFottrtagnIoacl

Referral SaaSquatch has icatairttolngoai tFrnIe

Talon.One has ireoFtcIotgtnin tialaar
It supports ngosnIatetri

Voucherify has tnrtatlFatiIiie cronago
It supports eannIsrttgoi

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Friendbuy does not have ionncikregItntT craa

Referral SaaSquatch has caIeioikt annrcrnTtg
It supports Tcinkgar bWe vBiaeorh eucAedni

Talon.One does not have nktitcariocagrTnIen

Voucherify does not have tgarinconTnakie cItr

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Friendbuy does not have snsegigaM

Referral SaaSquatch has agiMnsegs

Talon.One does not have agMgissne

Voucherify does not have agMigssen

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Referral SaaSquatch does not have olcFcetMtaouAii nthatnriut

Talon.One has ciiFte aiucMntrtlutAahonot

Voucherify has M teiotcFtnuaAulctratniioh

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Friendbuy has -epulotMDir vpiectuS

Referral SaaSquatch has iueptcrplovtDMSe-ui

Talon.One has p uv-DteiecptSlMroui

Voucherify has oippucevS-uMtltDr ei
It supports obiMle paoltiApnic

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Friendbuy has ealiipe natgMnnemPe
It supports agknTcir vCoensnrio

Referral SaaSquatch has ine eeMmanpnilgteaP
It supports cTrinakg eovonnrisC

Talon.One does not have ingipmtnaPealenee M

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Friendbuy has igcaPokcrTe rnjt
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