• Appointment Booking
    Allows customers to schedule an appointment
  • Appointment Confirmation
    Confirm appointments through the client portal or provide web link
  • Availability Calendar
    Indicates which dates and times are available for booking or meetings, calls, or events
  • Recurring Appointments
    Provides the ability to automatically suggest and schedule recurring appointments at regular intervals
  • Daily Calendar
    Designed for use as main calendar to organize and manage day to day tasks and meetings
  • Calendar Management
    Maintain and update a built in or integrated calendar
  • Calendar Synchronization
    Synchronize calendars across multiple platforms/locations.
  • Appointment History
    Record details of past appointments
  • Appointment Reminders
    Sends emails and notifications to remind upcoming appointments
  • Appointment Scheduling
    Offer scheduling capability for meetings, appointments, and events

Keywords: Planning And SchedulingSchedulingScheduling DisplayAvailability PlanningAppointment SchedulingAutomated SchedulingCalendar SyncGroup SchedulingReal Time Scheduling

Asana has Appointments

Jira has Appointments

Monday.com does not have Appointments

Smartsheet has Appointments
It supports Calendar Management and Appointment History

  • Work Order Dashboard
    Tracks and manages employee tasks and assignments in a single dashboard
  • Work Order Management
    Create work orders that contain essential customer and assignment information
  • Task Status Tracking
    Receive real-time information on the current status of tasks, requests, production runs, and machine health
  • Individual Task List View
    The ability to view assigned tasks to one individual user in one place
  • Task Management
    View, sort, and assign tasks
  • Deadline Management
    Manage deadlines and remind users when a deadline is approaching
  • External Task Management
    Assign and monitor tasks to external entities for completion
  • Multi-Team Assigments
    Allow multiple departments or teams to work on projects or tasks
  • Work Order Updates
    Track in real time which work orders have been completed or which are still pending/outstanding

Keywords: Assignment ManagementAutomatic RemindersDeadline ManagementResource ManagementStatus TrackingTask DistributionTask List

Asana has Assignment Management
It supports Deadline Management, Individual Task List View, Task Status Tracking, and Task Management

Jira has Assignment Management
It supports Task Management, Individual Task List View, Deadline Management, and Task Status Tracking

Monday.com has Assignment Management
It supports Task Status Tracking, Task Management, Individual Task List View, and Deadline Management

Smartsheet has Assignment Management
It supports Deadline Management, Task Status Tracking, Task Management, Individual Task List View, and Multi-Team Assigments

  • Offline Capability
    Software functions without an internet connection
  • MongoDB Hosting
    Able to host SQL database on MongoDB
  • Heroku Hosting
    Able to host SQL database on Heroku cloud application platform
  • Dedicated Cloud Server
    Offers dedicated cloud server (may be an additional charge)
  • 4K Storage
    Utilize high capacity drives to improve performance

Keywords: Cloud StorageServer Less CloudStore In The CloudWeb Based Storage

Asana does not have Cloud Storage

Jira does not have Cloud Storage

Monday.com does not have Cloud Storage

Smartsheet has Cloud Storage

  • Data Mapping
    Provides graphical representations of integrated source data and target destinations
  • Data Blending
    Process whereby big data from multiple sources are merged into a single data warehouse or data set
  • Data Normalization
    Offer features and suggestions to standardize data across sources to reduce duplicates
  • Data Validation
    Determine data conforms to preset restrictions and rules
  • Drilldown
    Focus in on an item, data, workflow, etc. further to obtain additional and/or specific information
  • Data Transformation
    Identify errors and apply rules to improve data sets, transformation components include filter, join, merge, normalize, etc.
  • Query
    Allows users to retrieve, calculate or manipulate data by using query codes
  • Query Logging
    Log queries run against the database to review their details and audit purposes
  • Database Conversion
    Converts database to SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, or other databases

Keywords: Data BlendingData DrilldownData MappingData MergeData NormalizationData SourcesData StructuringData ValidationDrill DownFilter DataMerge DataTransform Data

Asana does not have Data Manipulation

Jira does not have Data Manipulation

Monday.com does not have Data Manipulation

Smartsheet has Data Manipulation

  • Multiple Pages
    Able to create multiple pages within a single digital book
  • Entity De-Duplication
    Join related or duplicate data and lessen the appearance of duplicate records through dedicated features such as fuzzy matching
  • Page Relations
    Link relational data between pages
  • SQL Environment
    Provides built-in environment to explore data using SQL
  • Data Structuring
    Organize data into hierarchical structures to promote efficient retrieval
  • Data Tags and Categories
    Create and implement custom tags and categories to help identify, label, and organize data
  • Document and File Indexing
    Crawl documents and files to identify content which can be integrated into the software search engine
  • Custom Data Tables
    Create and customize unique table to import data into
  • Index Data
    Index data to allow easier search and analysis.

Keywords: Cell ArrangementCreate Custom FieldsCustom FieldsData TableMultiple PagesPage RelationsPivot Table

Asana does not have Data Organization

Jira does not have Data Organization

Monday.com does not have Data Organization

Smartsheet has Data Organization
It excels at Multiple Pages
It supports Page Relations

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Keywords: Fegaoth Iap Ccernri Soss Cmatuahdo DrbD Voaiasa DrtniszaulibohLtaastnasoau Aazn &Iyilisi Dv Sinatoaia Iz V DslautI CttahtevcranrieNae Dr Chsbotasvtadrei IAalhmsds Oei Rb De Ta RVfnla Paimu Ryccssteneio ArlaDiule Vtiaasa ZNprdssa Athr A C GhEst A Ctn Nrreh Gaspavdaicr Iht

Asana has lazatDntiia uaisVo

Jira has oiutaa izVatnilDsa

Monday.com does not have sitizlaVuonDaiaat

Smartsheet has laDuaaniioVatsiz t
It excels at lnFiianac rhstCa
It supports lstisinuaaizVo taDa

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Asana has st xMaenmnnpeEeaeg
It supports exEespn Trgnkcia

Jira does not have stEmepxaeMee nagnn

Monday.com has e napEsaegnnemteMx

Smartsheet has ngpxat sMEeaneenme
It supports pexnsEe Mmgaaennet nsxpeEe dan Tciakrgn

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Keywords: Oeteua Dmnrt Cce Pd Dgroara Dn Mnon Deuresat TcrfRfl Fe Eia TrsnItasormu Dnnhcge

Asana does not have grniihSeF al
It excels at lieF narrsfTe riganhS adn

Jira does not have r gFehiSilna
It supports File Tarsrnfe gnahiSr dan

Monday.com does not have ii nhlargFeS

Smartsheet has iagehSnFli r
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Keywords: E Ee Bcna SthlaS Ctoewalhs M Ftent A Nentt Smetaoem IcR Otseens Pmt L Sfatito Partox R Te

Asana does not have neciFtoaa inpRnrigl

Jira does not have iFlorciniaeg Rpntna

Monday.com does not have tecnngoiia pirFanRl

Smartsheet has inongatraeilpnR ciF

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Asana does not have itecrnogFas

Jira has acrFgntesio

Monday.com does not have ionagsetrFc

Smartsheet has gcseiFonatr
It supports adn itFseoarcgn igoledMn cieSraon

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Asana does not have lamseemortpuTlaF

Jira does not have Turlao mapFletems

Monday.com does not have emplstuarlFmT oae

Smartsheet has mtpll oaTFsuemera
It supports oSc/riigrsacpMnt

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Asana has dentweeKel amggManno

Jira has tgaanemewgneldKeMno

Monday.com does not have eealngo ameMKwngdent

Smartsheet has Maegd wenogleeKtnanm

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Keywords: A E Dsirngetgsi McTs It Mensesn AgaMiair Evngg Ptesas

Asana has gisaseMgn
It excels at pn-ApI tSsyme aMeisgsgn
It supports aabtiiplyC htaC adn esagsigMn nlnearIt elIntnar

Jira does not have egaisgnsM
It supports htaC Chsnelan

Monday.com does not have giaegssnM
It supports Stesmy gsesMgain I-pnpA

Smartsheet does not have ssaeinMgg
It supports Reelm-iTa dna mCunmtinoiaco ahCt esnhlanC

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Keywords: Eo Cntenr Anaioat TOmt Cmn Eerta CeNar Toe Ctee

Asana has oNmats eotsCnemn d
It supports Cmensmto ostNe and

Jira has aeoe smt dnmNCntos
It supports omCtensm and esNot

Monday.com does not have tmssnneCtoe maNod
It supports adn mmesntoC Noest

Smartsheet has ssoetdCmaont N men
It supports Ntsoe nad Cmneomts

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Asana has eoCntrr Poocltj

Jira has CrnPo rocjtotle

Monday.com has lCto nctrroPjeo

Smartsheet has ocertojoPClrn t
It excels at gametaMnen etPjorc ouGpr
It supports ePtcrjo nCritaoe

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Asana has loeCsrCot n rPojottc

Jira does not have ltPncj etsrrootCoCo

Monday.com has o tjl osPCcrtentrooC

Smartsheet has jsrCeontt o ltPorcCo

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Asana has rPcj anctegiTrok
It supports eiVw, lnMisoete Tcr,aknig dan ci,rTakgn Tmie antGt rhCta Satuts Vwie, jtPecro baaKnn i,gTkcarn mliesTien

Jira has cigaPo crnrTketj
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Monday.com has ejPoTcrakcnitr g
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Smartsheet has tg TinrecPkrjaoc
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