[DL] Power BI

IBM Cognos Analytics

Qlik Sense

  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

[DL] Power BI does not have AI/Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning, Entity Analysis, and Machine Learning

IBM Cognos Analytics has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning and Machine Learning
It supports AI/Machine Learning

Qlik Sense has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning

Tableau has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning and AI/Machine Learning

  • API Security
    Set key or token verification on endpoints
  • API Monetization
    Provides options to monetize external use of an API
  • API Testing
    Tests API endpoints
  • Create Plugins
    Provides ability to create plugins via APIs
  • API Gateway
    Provide a gateway proxy for the API in which it can handle and serve incoming requests
  • API
    Provide API documentation and support

Keywords: ApiApi SecurityApi GatewayApi MonetizationApi TestingCreate PluginCreate ApiPublish Api

[DL] Power BI has API Management
It supports API Gateway and API Security

IBM Cognos Analytics has API Management
It excels at API Gateway and Create Plugins
It supports API Security and API Monetization

Qlik Sense has API Management
It supports API Gateway and API Security

Tableau has API Management
It supports API

  • Trigger Notifications
    Prompts alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met or in response to pre-defined actions
  • Push Notifications
    Sends notifications to users when a certain condition is, or set of conditions are, met
  • Reminders and Notifications
    Set, send, and receive reminders and notifications regarding upcoming events or deadlines
  • Automatic Reminders
    Create reminders to alert yourself or others of due dates, appointments, or events
  • Email Alerts
    Send and receive alerts or notifications over email when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Account Alerts
    Sends alerts by email, text message and push notification when there's an activity by a customer
  • Text Alerts
    Send and receive alerts via text message when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Warning Messages
    Automatically, or manually, send alerts and warnings to employees when they are unproductive or meet certain conditions
  • Real-Time Security Updates
    Updates user immediately when there is an issue or breach
  • Alert Signaling
    Gathers alerts and notifications into a single signal to reduce alert fatigue and pinpoint a root cause

Keywords: Account AlertAccount NotificationAlert SettingEmail AlertEmail NotificationGet AlertGet NotifiedNotification SettingPush NotificationReminder And NotificationSet ReminderWarning AlertWarning MessageWarning Notification

[DL] Power BI does not have Alerts and Notifications
It supports Email Alerts

IBM Cognos Analytics has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications and Push Notifications
It supports Email Alerts and Alert Signaling

Qlik Sense has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications

Tableau has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications
It supports Email Alerts

  • Deployment Management
    Tracks and manages an asset’s initial, and potentially subsequent, deployment
  • Asset Tracking
    Monitor the movement and quantities of various asset groups
  • Rightsizing Recommendations
    Identifies assets that can be downsized or terminated based on resource utilization data

Keywords: Asset MappingDeployment ToolsPerformance TrackingPhysical Asset TrackingUpdate MonitoringUser AcceptanceUser Activity TrackingUser Session Tracking

[DL] Power BI does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

IBM Cognos Analytics has Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking
It supports Deployment Management

Qlik Sense does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

Tableau does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

  • Work Order Dashboard
    Tracks and manages employee tasks and assignments in a single dashboard
  • Work Order Management
    Create work orders that contain essential customer and assignment information
  • Task Status Tracking
    Receive real-time information on the current status of tasks, requests, production runs, and machine health
  • Individual Task List View
    View assigned tasks for an individual user in one place
  • Task Management
    View, sort, and assign tasks
  • Deadline Management
    Manage deadlines and remind users when a deadline is approaching
  • External Task Management
    Assign and monitor tasks to external entities for completion
  • Multi-Team Assigments
    Allow multiple departments or teams to work on projects or tasks
  • Work Order Updates
    Track in real time which work orders have been completed or which are still pending/outstanding

Keywords: Assignment ManagementAutomatic RemindersDeadline ManagementResource ManagementStatus TrackingTask DistributionTask List

[DL] Power BI does not have Assignment Management

IBM Cognos Analytics has Assignment Management
It excels at Work Order Management and Work Order Dashboard

Qlik Sense has Assignment Management
It supports Work Order Management

Tableau does not have Assignment Management

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Keywords: Ar DttenoiagggaaA Aag Dta EgretgO Dtlalatc E CT Senta I DagSetg In Danoait Clatnoaioct DelTot Clu Cle AoGur Ata O AggetI Agt Uetnso

[DL] Power BI has AttattaagAg rgednuDoaioem
It supports nneFnlgui tAaitmcou ataD

IBM Cognos Analytics has rgggd A aooateuneDtmaiattA
It excels at liocoaiennctiR ataD
It supports aaDt oaActmuti Fuenilgnn

Qlik Sense has rtitgegoAant AaatuDgeaomd
It supports Dtaa inFnluneg atciutomA

Tableau does not have ogia aDA ugAtnmtoetagdaetr
It supports Filnnugne taaD Daat iAottcaum nad niitliocaRneco

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[DL] Power BI has udta lrCSoego
It supports errSve udCol cDidedaet

IBM Cognos Analytics has toreCSdlug oa
It supports oCuld ceiedtDad rervSe

Qlik Sense does not have aCdtSrl uogeo

Tableau has d aroelotgCSu
It supports reServ luodC teedadDic

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[DL] Power BI does not have riy oespCRodoet

IBM Cognos Analytics has rRos Cetyiooedp
It excels at ilnAssay abeoesdC

Qlik Sense does not have Rood yisCoretep

Tableau does not have iCooeyeost prRd

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Keywords: Naeti Gnrt Eoenon CtTten Gon C EtnraeeEtg Netae Ct MnamnonCt Oag MeennatnE P Cnl SituotnbhBhiceutl I Prsl APhubid Al SCab Ictnio Pia SluolItonrag N S Cneht

[DL] Power BI has neeCoiteor nGantnt
It supports auVlsis Media cloaiS

IBM Cognos Analytics has iCtnae trnnGoteoen
It supports asusVli Mdaie aSiclo

Qlik Sense has n eGnCtrnieooantte
It supports uslVsia cSiloa Madei

Tableau has oerntnCtienoaGtne
It supports ussiVal caSoli adeiM

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Keywords: E Ircatva D AhNyupnhcoorlea R As CosiitnUy Atarc Rdme Toveoe Kca Biot AaupmcutDoicp Nhuau Cel M C BkaUc Np A Ka SbI Myhcap Pnal Bciu E KhcsaUc Batru H Icela V MnkapiColdpkua U BcIuv Ainbitnlio Ca UyostalCniuou Cakspt Bnou Ta Ukc Bpa DaC Ry Raeot DeavP Ticao Danelia RtR Dvesytr EcrsioeaIwenused Kao Rnde NtrcE Da Ll Cit Rontai Tepa Aiem RT Oc Rare DevaEnenontvruim Rtenndd ARouohnr D Locinyipsaae Stcnta

[DL] Power BI has nDcRcv aaeotuakey daprB
It supports nad tMangeaemn t,ageorS aDat & oLss dnnetIic taaD ag,nneMmtea teiCollonc owkNert

IBM Cognos Analytics has y adetucavnBpaD Ra rckeo
It excels at eaSortg, & reoctrDiy loiteconCl eilotncRi,pa dna v,eceyRro , eNwoktr mneegMatan tctmAiuoa aDta notnz,riyScaohni aolcL kBcpua, toeargS Flie Dtaa
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Qlik Sense does not have acct a RDpreaBkoeadynv u

Tableau does not have DeuBcaadvtoky pa rcaneR
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Keywords: Na Dt Bdeal Adnti Dlrwaol DI M DganaapptGaeaet Mr DR Nmto Dal AaCratu Srt Da TuVat Dlaai DtaIo D Dlrwln Fa D IteatrlMa Egatr DeFmr Dtar TnasaoAat Dr Malo N

[DL] Power BI has nuinaotaataDMp li
It supports ataD aoiaiVndlt

IBM Cognos Analytics has Diaaninatolpta Mu
It excels at in,Lgogg ureyQ anirofsaon,mTrt tDaa dna t,rNaoazliionm oaoiNtril,nzma eyQru aaDt aseabaDt teS ionrsonvC,e Daat Daat ialia,Vnotd
It supports Daat nMpgaip nad gendinBl ataD

Qlik Sense has laiaptanitDMa uno
It supports inlgBedn taDa

Tableau has annuaai ttDMpiaol
It supports itindoV,aal Dtaa aDat aaDstbea rmN,onazoailit and eCorovsni,n afsmnanirorTto ataD yurQe ipgn,paM elnn,dBig aaDt Daat ngLg,igo

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Keywords: Cigat Atez DaeroAatnrenmlelg Cer Y Clfs D AiatsaCe Cts Fmiutr Sdoe LaeMus L Fde CiostA Cd GiaotreteasIlfit Ditoac Cansaas A Girtgp Da OunBatal Le Da Noaag Nizrtaa D OitR Dptauoa GPi Pu Metg AlleAztri Oe Dgaan En Plistoge RaaTov Tiealb P

[DL] Power BI does not have azgiD Onrnotataai
It supports dan ataD sgaT nda tarCiogese aDat tuniScrtrgu

IBM Cognos Analytics has anr ianatzoaiDgtO
It excels at ttinyE aut-DoiilDenpc Feil nad niIdgexn and oentDcum
It supports ataD dan Ctroeesiga Tsga

Qlik Sense has Diaotaangr nOzita
It supports ePga leiontsRa

Tableau has DoaniatnigO taraz
It supports iegtsaoeCr, vnirEmeon,tn dna Miteullp gP,ase sgTa tlseonRai QSL Paeg aaDt and

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Keywords: Noniitpe F EryclEl Yncrpecuo K Ptn BiiySorno Paidpsw Tn EcyrWetoish P Toaau Asultnnir I MtcdT Feurnli Iaoit An Matotcthuc Ooi Ratncc Gihilesyn PCi N Atoet Intu Hnai PTtiy Nanrtca Sao E Rd Etp

[DL] Power BI has cataSeyDritu
It supports taaD estnvSiei Dnteea-Itiicnidof

IBM Cognos Analytics does not have ctrtaaiuD eyS

Qlik Sense does not have tacrtayi DeSu

Tableau has uSDrtaty eaci
It supports ceoClmanip rcPyiav atDa

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Keywords: Ncep C Igoararhf IetSaad Zus Vraiohatb DlinioNs Oi Z Aaiay D&Ttn Vuiaa Slilas C Gttriaeavphe IrnClsm Vetfyinis Aaa Rn Locraue PUsi Vlazt Aiae DRphda Gnartha C Uazaaneirlo Ciie VtstSzaoyi Aiatuanls Ilsin VIz V AcelaityinlsuaIun Varaaore Zotlnmif PecsiRfaz Pcloere Vmues AiniVif Atecs S I Sruzlieline VaoAmst Suiilioz Ta VnraCbohura Asdm DsotC Ddsaevnrt Ibao IaehtrDeiram Leb Tas Roa DhEhherntp Gd A A C Itrcvn Iaart

[DL] Power BI has oia tsnazaDaluiitV
It supports nda claniiFna hta,Csr taDa argD zatsiniiaoVsul, taDa Map nad prDo loegMnid ynsaliA,s ssyiAaln ,

IBM Cognos Analytics has za untotliisViaDaa
It excels at nda aniAyss,l uiss,lntizVaaoi , Dgar alnainicF sylsinaA apM ,sChatr edddEebm dan aDat Asyalisn ropD
It supports nda ipfsagrhncIo oglnMedi ataD teraCe

Qlik Sense has ainilt zDtaoiusaaV
It excels at aaDt asChrt, Daat inniclFaa iogMnled adn a,slAisyn
It supports asiynlAs ddedmEeb

Tableau has iuaD ttoainszlaiaV
It supports sinAas,yl dna liAnsays nAi,lssya lanFincai aDta lMnoigde trCash, Carete , agrD eddebEdm Ishnipgrofca , aatD and roDp ois,iusazalVnti pMa

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Keywords: T Coaae Natnt MdetTn Cdaatioisna DoolT Maia Ao DnirgtZaitintanga D Oro ASrbte Iaeav Coonsan DN T( Osrt Lac Tam Lt X)D E Ar ErofR L Feoyi ReevcEn Sagea Mgtnoetar MItremntp T Oa Saigiooz

[DL] Power BI has uDehsanaWitorag
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Qlik Sense does not have atDnreWougaa hsi

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[DL] Power BI does not have ngbguegDi

IBM Cognos Analytics has bggieungD

Qlik Sense does not have guenDibgg

Tableau does not have ieggnguDb

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[DL] Power BI does not have Di necMnhpameagttas

IBM Cognos Analytics does not have MnptmDineh aagsacte

Qlik Sense does not have sMtncaDmiat enphage

Tableau has aehpDaeinttMmn gsca

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    [DL] Power BI has DEiraav hsouctsexdbe

    IBM Cognos Analytics has ue aErcDshabstdivxoe

    Qlik Sense has eauEvoxi bscthedsaDr

    Tableau does not have iutsocseEhv aDbaerxd

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    Keywords: S Col Ancres Oct D Ale FouiiT Coetr Csnnleipa Yt Neort RoD Manatnet E CttoaGtn Cet Tao NTperl Eixo FEvw Eelr Pii FPl Udeo F AilE F Agl IemiE Fxel TitSrr Co Ve Lonotni

    [DL] Power BI does not have FanMlia etgenme

    IBM Cognos Analytics has aFe tMmnlgeeina
    It excels at ggnagTi, mrspooen,siC enriDv oeumcnDt leFi dna AI eadMtaat dan tuiaomAct atr,oegS
    It supports Teer weVi drFole

    Qlik Sense does not have FntnegleamiMea

    Tableau has mia FteMlegeann

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    Keywords: Nt B Sceelea AhEstmtal Sh Cotn Few ANtmt Sc Emta IoeenSomi Stsott T Pnr Lf Eea Te RptaoxrOtlpirinn Rc Fae AIo Rpc EetornmPelorhs Fao R Ctw Sforti Ls PoImnaot Rttte Se PfPr Rioef TtorpN Saeotsetts Lm

    [DL] Power BI does not have raneFciogilntap inR

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have Ro cliinnrtaaenFgpi

    Qlik Sense has narlaRincgipinFt eo
    It supports sosL analceB nuCc,ostllaai friPot dna xTa xTa uitonnccgA wFol and eth,eS egio,nrtRp laiaincnF tetnaSesmt Chas ope,sRtr onMmicutpyal nad t,aStneemt iutoamctA

    Tableau has nnacnieaigpFilo Rrt

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    [DL] Power BI does not have dsi t eeiAacnxnnFeaMset

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have eecd AFixit sMtaesnenan

    Qlik Sense does not have Aa tFnentesxiiM acesden

    Tableau has nsa xieeteedFc MnnsiaAt
    It supports Mngmeatean nncatMienae

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    Keywords: Eoa FctrsApteiercocd Fr TsAo F Mrceti EoonsccFctekrsarto Ma EOeaym Cnrt Fa ScpoR Ie Sei TesmM TeodmileEi Se Meold SrEood Mcno ElEohehp Dtid L MHd E Mll Dpieo

    [DL] Power BI has nFcersitoga
    It supports gteiFnarosc

    IBM Cognos Analytics has gesanrcFoit
    It excels at teePdvrcii sictyA,lna , eilgnodM and cSenrioa etnFiroascg

    Qlik Sense has toFrgsineca
    It supports clyiAstan eivicPredt

    Tableau has anistFcgoer
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    Keywords: Tn Ao Umgnoitotita FmraArmto O A FutCatet Io Sl FIosezte Ft R I Omtettg F Cnnta IrnoCnalmoiot Fig Onrtdatin

    [DL] Power BI does not have mnFmiitaa nAgototoutr

    IBM Cognos Analytics has oouaonAmtigFamt tntri
    It excels at Dsinge enoseivspR

    Qlik Sense has outagotaAnrmtnitmiFo
    It supports iegsnD osvepRiens

    Tableau has tgtaniai uonmoFttrmAo
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    [DL] Power BI has t seFlmolauTamrep

    IBM Cognos Analytics has tallrmueTmaFpe so

    Qlik Sense has petmal meslTaFrou

    Tableau has rmalFsolp eauemtT

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    [DL] Power BI has agngeoece rIltcnGphiile

    IBM Cognos Analytics has elcetnri ecGgiaeIpghnlo
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    Qlik Sense has cnrn loieegaIechiGegltp

    Tableau has cei trgIahncepgneGlleio
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    Keywords: Cg At Lioo NOti I Rvctdcyer A Aesnriyt Ch HogLhg C NaogeEuitdd A TiOt L G EidDo Erte RcidY Hr EsntoeivtLeoeiiin Fvs R St Holagc Oiir LAag C PtsenhNvo PestisarIienrsseo Pr Ou VvSntrreo EsioevrIyrtse Io Vnros HCoer Rr VsoniedT Kv EctarenNee Mv Ec RttiT Mcarkc T IerTae Tc I Mecrr

    [DL] Power BI has ogHnriggicltas oiL
    It supports sLgo enEtv

    IBM Cognos Analytics has onagLg sgHrotilcii
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    It supports gsoL ntEve

    Qlik Sense has aniolgHcgiLtirs go
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    Keywords: M Alrcatp KeeappPc Ot Iiinnltgoipn AetraaRnxt Bwrenoos Eeis Ohtirinlcttppea Arogn Ehtewtia S IOgcs Ihtt Dtrnuweeierptt O RhaN Iil ToattoongrePi GunlFogtaln Rteinl IuKnocgt Sret Iiant A

    [DL] Power BI does not have noelt oiritatngiaFctaIr
    It supports taDa gntrotieIan ryrd-hiTatP egtIainrnot pouSrtp nda

    IBM Cognos Analytics has tti IFaorttieoaagrnclin
    It excels at Ieinnrtgaot inifedU tartiegnoIn solCeno, prpoSut acS,ignl adn
    It supports ty-rrPdahTi atDa notareItgin

    Qlik Sense has rlitianFratgi tInoetcao
    It excels at rpoptSu atIrennogit
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    Tableau has lattrrgeaniotaiintoFcI
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    Keywords: Ent Corotln V InoryVlreneli EoynvtA Mn Ieagynetroventmn Erotvntn Mae S Nnmyetamyg IseNvnintyrle Na Ign PoArkctotie NnvryOgyt Vranneanemi

    [DL] Power BI does not have oaIemneena ttyrnMnvg

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    Keywords: Coteo Mrecits RrahepE Pgarnl Tink ManTatiakn Emrn Si MoteggneAc U Pes RcretodhrNrdl Aeni Ass Ty

    [DL] Power BI has cM rseeghaanritRek
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    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have RireMa hgrkesncate

    Qlik Sense does not have ateMnrehksRcrigae

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      IBM Cognos Analytics has a aMLtyetar ade

      Qlik Sense has t daaM yraLteae

      Tableau has eMtaa aerL dyat

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      [DL] Power BI has rN eP sacnaauitLugnggoalers
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      IBM Cognos Analytics has ugPgsasNaag ourc enlreLntai
      It excels at eSmnittne asysAlni

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      Keywords: E Tnnn Ata CroeiaotTeeematr O C CmnRe Cto N EeatN Ade DtoMtn C E AdomdN Datndit A AnooI Motl E PonpeneP Lenkpo IleT Nronn IaeetlKs Rsi Un LeUr Nsn MestoeiEomsmtn CTo Nse

      [DL] Power BI has emmestNt nosdCon a

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have notnesmdm sNCaeot

      Qlik Sense does not have o asnmeoCmes tntdN

      Tableau has ntsstnaodmoCme Ne
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      Keywords: Ssnc Ccorot A ElCanm At Mecs NeasgeIseislsc P C AeocSceefs Pl AcoriY Iiesvol Drioo PncpIn Upsvi Dosroree Rteclao P Nn IilsieAseagcc A Mn EsAioayg Pc M LneOe Aeslgniit Pame MncO C Pilsadye BIeao Lnny Mmega PtcCleiorfoli P Py Atply Pic Eelom TRccee U Secs AsCerr Suu Poe GP Ioiusytierlc SceIsoelc U Pr Y

      [DL] Power BI has tMoaiealemnnPg cy
      It supports dan ceeDvi l,iyocP Alwtslgi,lnio solkBtilc gnMeaa

      IBM Cognos Analytics has nyaneto gmcMaelPi
      It excels at Mmeaenngta oePniirssm

      Qlik Sense has Magycelti nmoPnae
      It supports mnageaMtne iossrPnime

      Tableau has yoPcmtalangeneiM
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      Keywords: Ciaslty AnR Dp Etxaa OtHhmp Lnuoit Neoa E Lg Nungiaea Alcarrusg Nsto P

      [DL] Power BI has cottx TnetrEaxtiPos
      It supports Ltui-gunMlial Ttxe aAnsyils

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have tnoorPTtictestExa x

      Qlik Sense does not have otTtnx acieostrxPEt

      Tableau does not have o cexoPxinttr stEatT

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      Keywords: Joeciotre Cr Pna TRn P T Coolocterj Elj Ptiie TmcorenCeroekn Mi Talts K Ec Trealm Tiin Krecn T AasgsitnmTcsk Taark R Pea Tcgrkorss Ck C Ste Patorr TsujatCuro Sse Jtta PtC Rop PtrojersetA Tr Ght CtanEnba Via KnwTojcaki Mrreec Pt T

      [DL] Power BI does not have rgacoj etkTcrnPi

      IBM Cognos Analytics has riegoPkTj rctanc

      Qlik Sense does not have tnegak icrPTrcoj

      Tableau does not have ji rtnPekgcTarco

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      Keywords: Nagopite Aitor Ru CtmA Cspa Ghtnrha RsdEh C Rrsc IigfeaopntaE Fm Rporar TloEnct Ptoo Fnurial RCltrro Rioipiesg T HnaNeecfotoamrpre P RsrRoeteledd Surhp C A Rorupmrstey SmR Trlpeehaosa SerbPo Auttr Re OEttee A Rpr CroD E O ReetpmbrRetetrvxiop Uec EIys Rrre Ooptt HPiltos Urpe RhbL Go Onkoprrga Riteet Tepur Rtiilbn OEt Tyeprp O R

      [DL] Power BI has entiRogrp
      It supports ilinsaiVotazu , sdahosbrDa atDa aicdontrI eernPrfamco and tn,eCorai eKy nitascylA cnrafPeroem lisaVu

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      [DL] Power BI does not have dcnfhSS ugiitehl

      IBM Cognos Analytics has gd SfniSheliuhtc
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      Qlik Sense does not have enigilhScdthuSf

      Tableau does not have cifSlientd huhSg

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      IBM Cognos Analytics has atleM lisciicoSAaa dyn
      It supports inAyscatl toetnnC iacSlo ideMa

      Qlik Sense has icSiaMtnAl o isydaecla
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      Tableau has cca alidMentliaAiSy so
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      Keywords: Oet Semrfn Deo WvptelaPe Wo Svetalero DfAerw S Rfetoe CtaN Seo Cttfrear Aiow

      [DL] Power BI has ofee SelnwvoDtpmtera
      It supports Mloebi ebW evoenetDlpm nda App lDmeenptoev

      IBM Cognos Analytics has oeerlDfteatSw vepomn
      It excels at /ChusBagr odeC bWe oN dan ppA paioclnpiAt geitoRpnr lBdu,rie ,penltvmeDoe
      It supports UI nad ngitsTe mvpeDneotel oiebMl

      Qlik Sense does not have mlotfSaepr entvDowee

      Tableau does not have ntrplteeeomaoevfSDw

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      Keywords: Atores Sw TfteTpp T As ET Tepgp Ins AU Sbeoewt Agf DrE E Trne PnsittotaDteuebs Tg Epcsacetc Ae TntE U Tetsrees Apt CcacnEcit Iscsyes Ai TlbtSo B Tkx Ecl A BtK Se Otesm TTc Fuaon Tsil EtnO Entesd Tt Dn EReesrtoe Gsi TnsSra Tel Pa Letl

      [DL] Power BI does not have s rfSwgoneiaTtet

      IBM Cognos Analytics has sfeaTttSieogn rw
      It excels at Tnetigs raallelP

      Qlik Sense does not have Titwoaesfr Stegn

      Tableau does not have teSri nofagTtwse

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      [DL] Power BI does not have rSseaepehaatmn getMdne

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have egt teaneSpMdheaarnesm

      Qlik Sense has nh emanpSaetgeMrsdetea
      It excels at hpredetSeas oErdti

      Tableau has etpmSetgdeanna Mearshe
      It supports oEirtd teSseahepdr

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      Keywords: Psamenglyau PCp Siyun PlhaMtne Miapne Clnhyuaag P S Gtp Slanmuean Ype M

      [DL] Power BI does not have malyCeaMpguhpetnn Sian

      IBM Cognos Analytics has iaegpheS Cal tnnmnuyMap
      It excels at ntmeaMaegn hgipSinp
      It supports Mamnne,gtea dhTri bdouInn obundutO isgtLisoc tPyra Lcgitosis ioLgtsi,cs nda

      Qlik Sense has negymhnpnl au aaSiMCetp
      It supports dbnInuo Ltsogicis nda duunotOb isiscLtgo

      Tableau does not have eCpninuhaaeanmS ypMg tl

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      Keywords: Pstaue Mml T CoetL T Pssemegeit DnaPtltomme Diaargl E Ti F Aecpl T Dmetun OtemOrnty A Lrb FiIasry L Cuibr M Esetodp Vela TmiE Cn Saumgtr DooteFta Es Dnclritesff E

      [DL] Power BI has bispmeletaeasranTAd rLy t
      It supports eelTtasmp sgienD

      IBM Cognos Analytics has bmr Aeyra l dLinetssatpaeT
      It supports isDgne teTpesalm

      Qlik Sense has tlperymA Lranat ieebTsd sa
      It supports eeptlasmT eignsD

      Tableau has baaerLl yndATpars e iestmt
      It excels at mpTeseatl eDigsn
      It supports Dabsaeat icnnuoFt

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      Keywords: Onttiind Rr Hioag IgnnwceInnoigoocnv I Reic TeEinbctoi Gn Raloi TeA Tnemtexi I SgC T Rf Odntto U Dsninetaecrarurmgtioua

      [DL] Power BI has cEx netTtxaitor
      It supports nErctxiaot letTmapes teTx tUrntrseuduc aaDt irntoEcaxt nda

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have cET xirnottteax

      Qlik Sense does not have ieTxttcxEorant

      Tableau does not have itrExt cTeotanx

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      Keywords: T Yniceol De Aatomn Soiettule Ren Dc E I Sha B CkcnrmFn Tch Idnit AioeitaertEul Isecrt Suy REsutrreoo S Pc Stiy Toueer Pu SrcRrat Tn Thoei MoNdt Er I TheytifaNhatrcae S TTnr Tct Dehioe AetY S Mcalon Ana Dl Iynemftaoyin A&Ttritk EamcSi PcsdLi Sc Cmn O Apo Ce

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      Keywords: G Ptanon Memssreeca Rf Ognrkulooin Cw WtofaiOont Iurk W WflpOironol Wgnfokitr MwRnfa Wikwslo Tmtaorfon RoMokwl Feaagn WroS Menrgos Pea AcCorloonowlf Wrt KN Ptlorrse CcsooT U Pocpts OsureRncriossf Amso Paoer TntMoomraeln W EktnwagfEwnon T Ser K Wemsaalgytfm Mo Ffreno Wekwi DolDseocen Ps EirfWot Wrrfi Pkroiz LeioP Poesreroiiztri Cs

      [DL] Power BI has toonl WaMrengefkawm

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      [DL] Power BI does not have Ofrpmz iltaWotonwkiio

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