[DL] Power BI

IBM Cognos Analytics

Qlik Sense

  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images.

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

[DL] Power BI does not have AI/Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning, Entity Analysis, and Machine Learning

IBM Cognos Analytics has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning and Machine Learning
It supports AI/Machine Learning

Qlik Sense has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning

Tableau has AI/Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning, Machine Learning, and AI/Machine Learning

  • API Security
    Set key or token verification on endpoints
  • API Monetization
    Provides options to monetize external use of an API
  • API Testing
    Tests API endpoints
  • Create Plugins
    Provides ability to create plugins via APIs
  • API Gateway
    Provide a gateway proxy for the API in which it can handle and serve incoming requests
  • API
    Provide API documentation and support

Keywords: ApiApi SecurityApi GatewayApi MonetizationApi TestingCreate PluginCreate ApiPublish Api

[DL] Power BI has API Management
It supports API Gateway and API Security

IBM Cognos Analytics has API Management
It excels at API Gateway and Create Plugins
It supports API Security and API Monetization

Qlik Sense has API Management
It supports API Gateway and API Security

Tableau has API Management
It supports API

  • Trigger Notifications
    Prompts alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met or in response to pre-defined actions
  • Push Notifications
    Sends notifications to users when a certain condition is, or set of conditions are, met
  • Reminders and Notifications
    Set, send, and receive reminders and notifications regarding upcoming events or deadlines
  • Email Alerts
    Send and receive alerts or notifications over email when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Account Alerts
    Sends alerts by email, text message and push notification when there's an activity by a customer
  • Text Alerts
    Send and receive alerts via text message when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Warning Messages
    Automatically, or manually, send alerts and warnings to employees when they are unproductive or meet certain conditions
  • Real-Time Security Updates
    Updates user immediately when there is an issue or breach
  • Alert Signaling
    Gathers alerts and notifications into a single signal to reduce alert fatigue and pinpoint a root cause

Keywords: Account AlertAccount NotificationAlert SettingEmail AlertEmail NotificationGet AlertGet NotifiedNotification SettingPush NotificationReminder And NotificationSet ReminderWarning AlertWarning MessageWarning Notification

[DL] Power BI does not have Alerts and Notifications
It supports Email Alerts

IBM Cognos Analytics has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications and Push Notifications
It supports Email Alerts and Alert Signaling

Qlik Sense has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications

Tableau has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications and Email Alerts

  • Deployment Management
    Tracks and manages an asset’s initial, and potentially subsequent, deployment
  • Asset Tracking
    Monitor the movement and quantities of various asset groups
  • Rightsizing Recommendations
    Identifies assets that can be downsized or terminated based on resource utilization data

Keywords: Asset MappingDeployment ToolsPerformance TrackingPhysical Asset TrackingUpdate MonitoringUser AcceptanceUser Activity TrackingUser Session Tracking

[DL] Power BI does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

IBM Cognos Analytics has Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking
It supports Deployment Management

Qlik Sense does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

Tableau does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

  • Work Order Dashboard
    Tracks and manages employee tasks and assignments in a single dashboard
  • Work Order Management
    Create work orders that contain essential customer and assignment information
  • Task Status Tracking
    Receive real-time information on the current status of tasks, requests, production runs, and machine health
  • Individual Task List View
    View assigned tasks for an individual user in one place
  • Task Management
    View, sort, and assign tasks
  • Deadline Management
    Manage deadlines and remind users when a deadline is approaching
  • External Task Management
    Assign and monitor tasks to external entities for completion
  • Multi-Team Assigments
    Allow multiple departments or teams to work on projects or tasks
  • Work Order Updates
    Track in real time which work orders have been completed or which are still pending/outstanding

Keywords: Assignment ManagementAutomatic RemindersDeadline ManagementResource ManagementStatus TrackingTask DistributionTask List

[DL] Power BI does not have Assignment Management

IBM Cognos Analytics has Assignment Management
It excels at Work Order Management and Work Order Dashboard

Qlik Sense has Assignment Management
It supports Work Order Management

Tableau does not have Assignment Management

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Keywords: Dgaio Aeggtanart Gtaa Gteaegr DaA Dc Ctaltoe LAa Ds Ignet TGne I Daotnat SiD Nliceota CtaloAtceo Colltu Aego Aurttagg G Sn Ao Ieutt

[DL] Power BI has rggaAttgon etaumoADaeaidt
It supports aaDt Aomtaitcu luenngiFn

IBM Cognos Analytics has argt mAtieaneAgutoodtDaga
It excels at oRnictleniicao Dtaa
It supports aaDt Fluinneng utaticmAo

Qlik Sense has ttagAgi dAegaattmnoeuo raD
It supports tatocmuiA uleFningn aaDt

Tableau has eeDutantam aAaiAdogoggttr
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[DL] Power BI has CldrSguea oot
It supports dClou decaDedit rrveeS

IBM Cognos Analytics has oSleaodtruCg
It supports veSrre ictddDeea oCdul

Qlik Sense does not have l odaCurSoegt

Tableau has oCtauSgorled
It supports douCl Sererv edaDedict

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[DL] Power BI does not have oriodCeep Rtsoy

IBM Cognos Analytics has deCrsieRoopty o
It excels at Cadbosee siAsylna

Qlik Sense does not have Coroyotd spReie

Tableau does not have oiords RyeoeCtp

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Keywords: C Geitraneeno TtnnoN Te Cen GerotatneNta Nentaogn M CtemeEnattnn Ge Ca MoLo Custhntbi P EnRiisulb P Atlehc Bid Psh AulO S Putcibi OllincaaIhnao Ctnegr Snt

[DL] Power BI has teGtonnne taineCro
It supports dMeai lssaViu lcSioa

IBM Cognos Analytics has taett GnnnnoeoeCir
It supports uaVssil iaedM cailSo

Qlik Sense has tatGon rtoCeennine
It supports icaSol dieaM ssVauli

Tableau has eanttGCot ireennno
It supports dMeai lissuVa ialocS

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[DL] Power BI has et Dacakva Rrcpn yueBoda
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IBM Cognos Analytics has atdrpekuaRvacDe aByc no
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Qlik Sense does not have yecpuRvda ate akrocDan B

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[DL] Power BI has uolDnantpiaaati M
It supports Vailidtona tDaa

IBM Cognos Analytics has nnltptoi auDaMiaa
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It supports aaDt gnldieBn pnpMgia aDta nda

Qlik Sense has tiniMlDaonaupaat
It supports dBeilngn taDa

Tableau has oaiunpatlD aniatM
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Keywords: Oaarzeta C Dtegi Lt Aeaelrnemg CnrYf Csat Als Dai Aedemses Cottlrui FcDu Coe F LtmsisAetag C Dio TersaAc C Atinastfoliis DaA Duoiap GtrngE A Daba Llt Dtnzitagaoairan ORtp G DaaouI Me P LtupaelgAire Oatz DangRae Pignslateo Oielb T Pvta

[DL] Power BI does not have r ataaanitDgnzOoi
It supports Daat itgSuurtnrc aDat dna sTag eogeCaistr nad

IBM Cognos Analytics has graizaaaO intnoDt
It excels at nad Ixeinndg eFli dna Dtunocem Enttyi iic-teDaonDpul
It supports seartCegio nad atDa Tasg

Qlik Sense has aatanziatD ngOior
It supports tioeRsnla gaeP

Tableau has a aoODgztaritnani
It supports LSQ gPae nad tpiluelM gaePs, adn oteaRlsin eraCstegi,o gsTa ,oritvnEnmne aaDt

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Keywords: Ncy Ftnriplio Ee Recntyn Y Kbip Pcuiol EPaid Enywsrtno ProcsAt Uit Mwsoita Peslh Adinnortcu C F Ilaocnaei Tu Mt Ahtturotin Aoigihcye P RinocsntlAe Antt Ii P NnhctuoiO Aanycsepnttt Rrati Ed

[DL] Power BI has uaerStctD iay
It supports taaD isinevSte IifidtaecnDt-enoi

IBM Cognos Analytics does not have ertSyu aDiact

Qlik Sense does not have cttaue yDraSi

Tableau has cSryta aiuteD
It supports taDa loepmicnaC ricayPv

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Keywords: Acee Iptnirgorf Ha CN Vaihlaarz Ds Uboodtiias&Zna Ayn D Si Aao Vutsilil SitaaTaarveenr I Gptch IN Va Clac Pitslamneurofsyier A Uaesiatlz Da ViH Adnr C GratpahErtioz Caalsaeniu Vi TInsuanal Ti V AyzsoiailsIz Neltasy Vu AiaiclVrarsi Pfncomtoaaleii EznuVoeel Rcrsmfaiuaenz PiIefrnuc Sl Vitev Sszoaie I AlZriaias Itn Samtuo VlRosobd Dutha Sm CaSdtach Av Ioientbr Daer Talso Maide Re DabhrEdp Cvttraa I Hrnh G Eraiactn

[DL] Power BI has luittDiaaziasanoV
It supports dna isy,laAns , Dpor Dtaa eMignodl itilassouan,Viz aMp rDga clanianFi dan ,hrCsta ataD snAlasyi

IBM Cognos Analytics has iaatizln aiosauDtV
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Qlik Sense has VaitiuitaslDao anz
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It supports dEdbemed aAsnsily

Tableau has aiDaioanltts Vaziu
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Keywords: Toaenttetdnaa C MTnl Anido C DoaoasitOga Dm AitntriaItz Oangoair T DnaaNnbt Dasoas CoeareviEc L R T A Ed T Xaaofnomr)Trs(T LCee Lv Foe RriyRt Stgnoaeea Meamng Mize Potinat Oga Siotr

[DL] Power BI has Deargot nsaWhiua
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[DL] Power BI does not have igegDngbu

IBM Cognos Analytics has ibeDggngu

Qlik Sense does not have bgiggDneu

Tableau does not have gegnbguiD

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IBM Cognos Analytics does not have ecgneiamasnp httDMa

Qlik Sense does not have aanteaitgchsnmeDp M

Tableau has nDipa ttnaehesamMgc

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    IBM Cognos Analytics has svehdie rsuDtboxEcaa

    Qlik Sense has evcs xutehDarEsdabio

    Tableau does not have stairDsahud xbEoeevc

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    Keywords: Acscor CneotlsLuoe Aid Fi O Anetytr Rns Cieooentprt ClTn C Ntttd MeaoaaeTg Aotnn C TeElt Eoixrp FEwr Pi Fev IleE A Flp UloidG I I FmaeelTeelit FxO Cteoirr Lnso Vn

    [DL] Power BI does not have agnelt MeiamFen

    IBM Cognos Analytics has nelnmMag Fetiea
    It excels at IA enrDvi Aacutotim nda Maaatdet C,rmopessino adn File gtao,Ser inaT,ggg ncDtumoe
    It supports Tere eiwV lrFode

    Qlik Sense does not have Feeti nlMgamnae

    Tableau has enaml aginteFMe

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    Keywords: Ancthe Bae Se LFsenawta Mett Cho S LT St Imcmeannoete Ttei Laf E Pssnrt Om SotRpto T AxerPriiaeao Rlt FcnnC Iot Eon Rpemr Pl Fahootr C S RewOirosts L PfTte Pte Saf MonrtiRtotifrpeo RpSeotn Stsm Leat

    [DL] Power BI does not have ipineicaotn FgRlran

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have oRrtFcalnpneniiia g

    Qlik Sense has otnpr egniFaliniRca
    It supports Shee,t untincgcoA rfPoit lwFo dna Aouttamic aincFilna Lsso dna and lctaalsoi,Cnu Rrpto,es aaeBncl hasC toeg,nirRp clptMomnuiya etmSstenta etttmSe,an Txa axT

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    [DL] Power BI does not have taAix sdeeceMtnnensi aF

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have seaenAntieentaisFM cxd

    Qlik Sense does not have nneexF deaeaitinMstcA s

    Tableau has ecedni nsFxaeMinats teA
    It supports cMinaetanne manaeMgten

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    [DL] Power BI has oeFgnracits
    It supports Fsroteignac

    IBM Cognos Analytics has Foicstgnaer
    It excels at nda , stalnA,cyi dPtreciive Fraenitgsoc ocireaSn gdeloMni

    Qlik Sense has gacieonrtFs
    It supports idtvceirPe itaAnlscy

    Tableau has actgsoiFren
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    [DL] Power BI does not have u toFimmonnratttaAigo

    IBM Cognos Analytics has mmtnAaitntgi otraFoou
    It excels at iovRsepsen nDesgi

    Qlik Sense has FmAmrn gtunaitiottooa
    It supports Dgiesn evpRoessni

    Tableau has tmaiotgnuFA oriomttna
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    [DL] Power BI has FesaalTpr omemlut

    IBM Cognos Analytics has eT mlpslFraotemua

    Qlik Sense has r almaTFetlpousem

    Tableau has ouTlearlmF masept

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    IBM Cognos Analytics has ehgceGeoraIlpgictlenin
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    Qlik Sense has pGheIeeiicolngt crnlgea

    Tableau has ahgGlepgiocrneltnIi eec
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    Keywords: L Actgoo InE Atidiycv Co RrtItnsy Hg H CareoAg Con E LhgIdt Au I EtdO Egt Lid C D Rire EtodOvsi H Et EtnryVii Solien Fe RRil Htaoig L OscGth Naa Cs PeSvir Pnse OtaVis Penr EiuvsoroVetrsoerirsno EIosie Hsr V NtyroC Vir Eeno RdrsoVcr Tnek E TaV Mrt Ence IetKti Rerc Tac MC R Mreieca Tt

    [DL] Power BI has nogiLiailrggHos tc
    It supports envEt sLgo

    IBM Cognos Analytics has Lctlgiii sgraogHno
    It excels at ggogLni itdgnAui and tiyicvAt Etid
    It supports sLgo Etevn

    Qlik Sense has ioogc gginHaLsltri
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    Keywords: Ralkppa Mpce A EtNliag At Inippntca TirooeTiex Snnr Eos BowreTponaahtr Einah Iptregtwe Ilsoct I D Igctpottrsotuwter Hheria NeOentoingro Ia Tl TLu P In GTnotruneal I Lig FE Iaakn Tn Socigrtt

    [DL] Power BI does not have IiiaonrtalaiF gettcotnr
    It supports nda Data try-hrPiaTd prptuSo ottnnagIrie irtInetgaon

    IBM Cognos Analytics has raIctaralgiettFnnoto ii
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    It supports ntoIeitnrga iTyPhrrt-da aaDt

    Qlik Sense has enrocaol itaigiFnaItttr
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    Tableau has aieirrntcF attgaootinlI
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    Keywords: Rrty Ito Conlo VennYenvtvenirolle Veyatat Ngorn Inneme MMnyne Yev Mo It Termesnan StagIlno Inetvnrng P NayTnetnroivkc AyrVtaiga Rmnynoeen

    [DL] Power BI does not have nvoyamIraMeen tgnten

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    Tableau does not have teInoaemyMeva tgnnrn

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    [DL] Power BI has eMatni reksarRhceg
    It supports entontC oatnrsFegci

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have rntaMieekecRshra g

    Qlik Sense does not have erMashrn kRetgaeic

    Tableau has Mk rReiehrntcgaase
    It excels at nrietaMkg calnytiAs
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      [DL] Power BI has dtatMe aaraLye

      IBM Cognos Analytics has rd aeaaytLt Mea

      Qlik Sense has et a taeMrLyada

      Tableau has yr ateeadLaaMt

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      [DL] Power BI has rt cl cottahAiiFnuonteMtiua
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      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have iltuctutaecoinMt FtAh rnoai

      Qlik Sense does not have AFctoatlttncoieMithin uuar

      Tableau has titnlctrotMut Aaicoe ainuhF
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      [DL] Power BI has ipotMiuerue pScvDlt-
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      IBM Cognos Analytics has MeieDtuSvptcr pulo-i
      It supports veicDe mneetaganM Cldou

      Qlik Sense has oi uipSMt-tlpcueDrve
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      Keywords: Regarc AngsneplosalautuginLpnLirfilictaealcneen Tigi

      [DL] Power BI has gnag auaoignsaurtPlLre Nces
      It supports iayAnssl nnmteeiSt

      IBM Cognos Analytics has gacietPs rlnsegaaoN anguruL
      It excels at Anisylsa enmtitenS

      Qlik Sense has gsrPci onaNaugLeuraelsn atg
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      [DL] Power BI has sC nNamsoneeodmt t

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have aNnsntm soCedte mo

      Qlik Sense does not have tmC sdstnoomnee aN

      Tableau has ontdsn mCamNeo tes
      It supports esCnmmto sNtoe dna

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      Keywords: Sc A Ceoosn CtrlAmese Aectscan MngE Picls Cssocie AE Afio Pcecrsl SIni Sl Pyvcep DroooiIsrve Uo Ierspon DNirecl Teoni Il PsaAngseacec MsaMc Pyoiaanlge Aee Panm Ig MnecstlioDcyl Pasei O BLei Mcm Panegan OytIlc Peloiy P ForL Po Tcpteiyeaml Cuec Aes ScersGucrue Oper SEei C Piilcutsoy SrOys U Li Prec

      [DL] Power BI has melMgtaPiaoen nyc
      It supports dan ,lPoicy clktisolB ieDcve Mgeana otAgn,sllilwi

      IBM Cognos Analytics has aiPenglytaencMmo
      It excels at ganeMnmeta ossneiiPrm

      Qlik Sense has M tnyegnaPamcolie
      It supports erssoniiPm eamgentnMa

      Tableau has lMgPny eaemnioatc
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      [DL] Power BI has EtxPoTianstoexc tr t
      It supports Ailsynas xTte t-ilunlugLaMi

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have axTtntcrx oPio eEtst

      Qlik Sense does not have aecrTxxsto tEt iPont

      Tableau does not have noTE ePsoxtxtt aticr

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      Keywords: Eartotjio P CrecnO Peo Cctotrnjr LJnemcitl Ree Toi PK Tonacirs Mle TeCkenm Ta T EilriSsmgeciatn R Tkn AA Ta Trkksc Rsaecg P TrkorsTtca Sjro Pkeuc TatrsEjtu Ctt Sos ParPreoe RjttcorpsAtanh Cr Gtt Wnib K Vaane Tk Pmrcir Tca Ee Toj

      [DL] Power BI does not have jkecnorr iacTgtP

      IBM Cognos Analytics has tcgrProeTck niaj

      Qlik Sense does not have Tacrnk gjceirPot

      Tableau does not have jgctT iacerroPnk

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      Keywords: Tgrtueo Aacio RpintmH C Ssna Gardhar Pt Orsgceena Iitp CfarhPlrtaoe Frmo ROpclter Ruato F InnRlo Hgtentiaiso Cpri REor Pmeaefo Rtrrcns PRcelu Stpe Re HddoMparsyme Stro Ru Bapeerhesalo T R SrRu Atto RepoEr Rt Coeartp ERomt Be ErepdRcupo Reie EtvetxT Hops Reoit RyrI Hopebt Rlurs PGrtrt I Rookapg Loe NeLbiotn ReuiprtTo Reppy Ter

      [DL] Power BI has ogenrptiR
      It supports Dtaa onrdciIta sshdDrboaa dan ,Creotnai yeK , nermarcofPe uiaVls cslniatyA toaVniasiiluz ePrfrcoamne

      IBM Cognos Analytics has nRretgipo
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      It supports asdsDohbar crisaioltH aad,Dssbroh mCostu adaoDrhbs Ioarntcdi eKy dna emaenorrPcf Atla,snciy ngRr,oipet

      Qlik Sense has ptgnerRio
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      It supports moutsC iulasV dan Aaltnciys aroshDadbs erceofrPman

      Tableau has gRrienotp
      It excels at has,prG dna Data dna srthaC ntuaiazVilsio lasVui saytcAinl aoercefnrmP tornCaie ,
      It supports Kye amrenocPfre ssabhad,rDo aincrtIdo rssbahDdao moCtsu baaDrhsdo ricailHost Ans,aylcit nad poteng,Rir

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      [DL] Power BI does not have ledih ncghutSifS

      IBM Cognos Analytics has ifun ScgedthSlih
      It excels at usclRhdeenig ctomuaAit

      Qlik Sense does not have g cienulShthdfSi

      Tableau does not have ShScugnftelidih

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      [DL] Power BI has yelancaoMtASacsdii li
      It supports eMida Scolia ictnalAys ontCnte

      IBM Cognos Analytics has eMc Sdi tiAnaylsaaolci
      It supports coliSa aideM Ctnoent Aytsnical

      Qlik Sense has AtieiyoaM icasnaSd llc
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      Tableau has ltdoysSaieMAilnacc ia
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      Keywords: Snetomle Rvwfaopt DeeD Setrl OavfwpeeoSaaotrw Eeter CfOrwt Sfani Caeot Re

      [DL] Power BI has maftoeveoepwSe rnlDt
      It supports emvntoleDpe pAp oMeibl etevoDlnepm Web dan

      IBM Cognos Analytics has eaoetSeel mwrotDvfpn
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      It supports mvoteDenelp UI nseigtT eiolbM nad

      Qlik Sense does not have mSwfleoternt evopDae

      Tableau does not have oDtvnmwe Seleeaptfro

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      Keywords: Tra Toes Stef WP Ts Ep AtNpstg T Aeip Wearobe D Sutfg E Tittte Psnneora Tgebesu Dt E A Tnpate CcectsSe Atpc Uascent Tee RcSiesit Tbli Styec AcT Sc X Blo T BekaSe Steo T Km Fttnceisn TuolaTe Dntdo Te S N ESges To Reenis TrTe P Lrla Tasle

      [DL] Power BI does not have eogfnTsaSirwtt e

      IBM Cognos Analytics has ea wetfStniogsTr
      It excels at esigTnt lraaPell

      Qlik Sense does not have sgaifn treweTtSo

      Tableau does not have fgsottiwern TaSe

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      [DL] Power BI does not have aemetgpMSarnehn stdeea

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have eeMemaensgtnSdphraa te

      Qlik Sense has nehaSMapdes etterenmga
      It excels at oitErd trehdasepSe

      Tableau has srgmpnaeaeteeMdSnet ha
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      [DL] Power BI does not have aageapip h mnynCtenuSlM

      IBM Cognos Analytics has naipuhM napmSCeaet lgny
      It excels at piinpghS naeaenmgMt
      It supports hiTrd gscLtsioi Ptyra tbOudonu adn iiLstgcos g,eMntnaaem oictLsgis, ndoIbnu

      Qlik Sense has nlge uieh pnanSmMyaaCpt
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      Tableau does not have neaSt iphpMlmCynunegaa

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      Keywords: Uem Ctlets Tom Pa L Tssepn DeaemgitIlm Fmetgt Tpr Doa Lia EO Dtcmeumap TeenltN Fbyroitr A LA M Bu LiryrcisEtel A Tmd VeiopsE Suocta O DemnrgtNdtfcti Flse F Esare

      [DL] Power BI has aampnttrbda lerAiseLTsey
      It supports igDsne Tteepamsl

      IBM Cognos Analytics has LrmraebylTee adtpitnA sas
      It supports teasTelpm nDigse

      Qlik Sense has T t m sdaapeerelbnrAtiysLa
      It supports gDsnei tpTmslaee

      Tableau has apLbsta rsAeTd tminearyel
      It excels at tspeTlema segnDi
      It supports absteaDa nnticuFo

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      [DL] Power BI has axoTErtix tcten
      It supports ocnExttria adn esetlpTma tDaa arctxotiEn Uururtntedcs xteT

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have tto crxnEaTxiet

      Qlik Sense does not have rtieant xoEtcxT

      Tableau does not have cEtTtrxanitxeo

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      [DL] Power BI has ntteorgea oiiTdhrncnio Dt Mtena
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      [DL] Power BI does not have eldrnnmvD eng Teipiaonat

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      [DL] Power BI has BesebWad-
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      [DL] Power BI has wno aegrWkmMealfotn
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      IBM Cognos Analytics has fgmaneeWnwtMaorklo
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      [DL] Power BI does not have rWzOmtltw fikonaopiio

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