[DL] Power BI

IBM Cognos Analytics

Qlik Sense

  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

[DL] Power BI does not have AI/Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning, Entity Analysis, and Machine Learning

IBM Cognos Analytics has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning and Machine Learning
It supports AI/Machine Learning

Qlik Sense has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning

Tableau has AI/Machine Learning
It supports Machine Learning, Machine Learning, and AI/Machine Learning

  • API Security
    Set key or token verification on endpoints
  • API Monetization
    Provides options to monetize external use of an API
  • API Testing
    Tests API endpoints
  • Create Plugins
    Provides ability to create plugins via APIs
  • API Gateway
    Provide a gateway proxy for the API in which it can handle and serve incoming requests
  • API
    Provide API documentation and support

Keywords: ApiApi SecurityApi GatewayApi MonetizationApi TestingCreate PluginCreate ApiPublish Api

[DL] Power BI has API Management
It supports API Gateway and API Security

IBM Cognos Analytics has API Management
It excels at API Gateway and Create Plugins
It supports API Security and API Monetization

Qlik Sense has API Management
It supports API Gateway and API Security

Tableau has API Management
It supports API

  • Trigger Notifications
    Prompts alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met or in response to pre-defined actions
  • Push Notifications
    Sends notifications to users when a certain condition is, or set of conditions are, met
  • Reminders and Notifications
    Set, send, and receive reminders and notifications regarding upcoming events or deadlines
  • Email Alerts
    Send and receive alerts or notifications over email when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Account Alerts
    Sends alerts by email, text message and push notification when there's an activity by a customer
  • Text Alerts
    Send and receive alerts via text message when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Warning Messages
    Automatically, or manually, send alerts and warnings to employees when they are unproductive or meet certain conditions
  • Real-Time Security Updates
    Updates user immediately when there is an issue or breach
  • Alert Signaling
    Gathers alerts and notifications into a single signal to reduce alert fatigue and pinpoint a root cause

Keywords: Account AlertAccount NotificationAlert SettingEmail AlertEmail NotificationGet AlertGet NotifiedNotification SettingPush NotificationReminder And NotificationSet ReminderWarning AlertWarning MessageWarning Notification

[DL] Power BI does not have Alerts and Notifications
It supports Email Alerts

IBM Cognos Analytics has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications and Push Notifications
It supports Email Alerts and Alert Signaling

Qlik Sense has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications

Tableau has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications and Email Alerts

  • Deployment Management
    Tracks and manages an asset’s initial, and potentially subsequent, deployment
  • Asset Tracking
    Monitor the movement and quantities of various asset groups
  • Rightsizing Recommendations
    Identifies assets that can be downsized or terminated based on resource utilization data

Keywords: Asset MappingDeployment ToolsPerformance TrackingPhysical Asset TrackingUpdate MonitoringUser AcceptanceUser Activity TrackingUser Session Tracking

[DL] Power BI does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

IBM Cognos Analytics has Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking
It supports Deployment Management

Qlik Sense does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

Tableau does not have Asset Deployment and Usage Tracking

  • Work Order Dashboard
    Tracks and manages employee tasks and assignments in a single dashboard
  • Work Order Management
    Create work orders that contain essential customer and assignment information
  • Task Status Tracking
    Receive real-time information on the current status of tasks, requests, production runs, and machine health
  • Individual Task List View
    View assigned tasks for an individual user in one place
  • Task Management
    View, sort, and assign tasks
  • Deadline Management
    Manage deadlines and remind users when a deadline is approaching
  • External Task Management
    Assign and monitor tasks to external entities for completion
  • Multi-Team Assigments
    Allow multiple departments or teams to work on projects or tasks
  • Work Order Updates
    Track in real time which work orders have been completed or which are still pending/outstanding

Keywords: Assignment ManagementAutomatic RemindersDeadline ManagementResource ManagementStatus TrackingTask DistributionTask List

[DL] Power BI does not have Assignment Management

IBM Cognos Analytics has Assignment Management
It excels at Work Order Management and Work Order Dashboard

Qlik Sense has Assignment Management
It supports Work Order Management

Tableau does not have Assignment Management

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Keywords: Gt Ar Deago IangtaAg Deagear Ttg ATl Cae C DtlaoDasgtnea I TNea Tgi Io DatnsOot Dlc I CatanelT Luo C AcetolRtt A Ago UgageNgt S Iuet Ao

[DL] Power BI has ggtitdeoagaumaraDntoe tA A
It supports taaD maitctuAo eniFulgnn

IBM Cognos Analytics has AemgatrD tdautoAnoage aitg
It excels at inntcicaloieRo aatD
It supports Daat egFunlnni ctoituAma

Qlik Sense has adgoggteu aDtanieo AatAtmr
It supports taDa uAatcoimt nlgniuFne

Tableau has etgemadt oaAtoagngrAuai Dt
It supports and ataD ctloRaionnieci Autiacomt taDa nFngeluin

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Keywords: Lr Cod Tgeou SaCse Rerl Dve SuolsE Gs Lervserrt Seao S Crde Ie S Nol Hout TAeagt Br Sd Ws OeebErg Wta Seo BAttego Re S Irnten

[DL] Power BI has adoCtu gSrloe
It supports eevSrr tDeeidadc lduoC

IBM Cognos Analytics has oltCodSeuagr
It supports eSevrr luCdo acdeietDd

Qlik Sense does not have ead olgrSuCot

Tableau has rSaeutCogd lo
It supports eervrS ludCo ceadietdD

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[DL] Power BI does not have oeCtRoyrisodep

IBM Cognos Analytics has pdete CroosoyRi
It excels at syiAsanl debeCoas

Qlik Sense does not have piR eodsCotreoy

Tableau does not have C iooRoepestdry

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Keywords: O Gtnoei CentretnanRtaen Cneeo E GtntA Tt Mnmeen CngotneaAnn Moge At CtneBluiesnnh Pt T CoAillst Cr PeihubHb P Idl AusOc S Pl CbiunaltiaoiTotgneia R Sn Cnh

[DL] Power BI has ioetCnerntoG tenna
It supports laoSci Maied usilasV

IBM Cognos Analytics has Cnr otiteennanGeto
It supports claSoi silsuaV Midea

Qlik Sense has etCno neeninoatrtG
It supports deiaM Vsislua ocSlia

Tableau has tGeieoCrentnnna to
It supports Scaiol dieMa usVisal

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Keywords: Ithr Dea Ava CIur Yanncon Alohoispecs RtRtoueetrcyeo Dma AvCmu Atuaca BotpikKo Udnuh Cc Cei Mlaa BpAck Apu S NbCnahyhakp Bc Elsuca Pi I MAeru Akihicacl B Mptn Vu Locpu Bd CaukLt Cisiiniouu Alobnavtay Noapu Stion Bk CucuAu B DtackpaErve Ta Roac DyRa Aiepotal DnitcR Dreaessyeti Vo RcE Addouwnerntkc Rise NLea Elo Rce Dmpta A Ttai Riin Aaeo Er D RvtcMdudn Evena Nntero RitnNcanepi Daotcroui Ln Stao Sy Rh

[DL] Power BI has BepReu crvka on cyaaaDtd
It supports olCcoleint e,toaSrg Dtaa anmentMgae nda aaDt n,tMemgaean ennctidI & etrwoNk Loss

IBM Cognos Analytics has ryuBcoDdt a avancReakep
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Qlik Sense does not have raaBdotp ecvaRDk acenyu

Tableau does not have Drp Ranaaccydv Bueka oet
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Keywords: Ntdal B E DaNi Artldl Dw DoaDtangi Maap PMaetra Ge DTaoaar N Lm DT Druttu SracaL Diata Daa VtD Drnllw IoFt Dei AatrlDaaegr T MeR D A TrtosafnamAt Nlarmao D

[DL] Power BI has iina DutlotMnapaa
It supports tDaa niatialodV

IBM Cognos Analytics has ilnDaaa iatuoMptn
It excels at Set taDa teasabaD oaniiNaztlorm, tlna,oimzrNaio Daat gL,giogn nad aatD aTmaor,infotrsn aDat oirCv,noesn ,ladonVitai uryQe yruQe
It supports nidBnlge Dtaa and Mnpaigp taDa

Qlik Sense has liMaaittp aunDaon
It supports ndngeliB taaD

Tableau has to lannaupiMaDait
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Keywords: Aagtrt Oe Cei DzaMna A Eerlel CtrgnAiyf Cstl DaasC Fsledoisettaurm CeStdum F Iosl CeOsga Di Et CtreaaNtai Afl Dissaot CaicApuna Gtrio Dg Bae Llt Da A Nriaag Oatti Doanz Rpo Ga DtauI P Ma PtulgleeIeaaa D N OrtgzEets Rliaga Pon Lbtiao Pv Te

[DL] Power BI does not have g iaOatzannoatiDr
It supports aDta and and Sunrtigtrcu taisgeCoer aatD agTs

IBM Cognos Analytics has DanranigitoataO z
It excels at nad eDuaiiDlpon-ct gdniInex adn liFe uDentmco Eintty
It supports dan atDa sagT iCaeotsrge

Qlik Sense has atitnraDzgoaOian
It supports aneiloRts gaeP

Tableau has Oa nnioattgrDiaza
It supports dan ,aesgP aatD gPae LQS ltiesoRan Tags Enmtnorni,ev Mitulelp teCsagori,e dna

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Keywords: C Ein Frny PloteiEypo Kncbin Ptc Url Iy EPrciypwdns Ano EtosrAs Puin Miaoslu Ctaitnoetd RwhtTton Ma Atilrutccnho Ii FuateIin Ltshie Poocac RnygAtt Nhi P Autenoc IinCnr R Ta As P Deyitottna E

[DL] Power BI has iyeca atrtuSD
It supports tDaa Sevesntii Ddoin-ifeeicIatnt

IBM Cognos Analytics does not have iDreaSayt cut

Qlik Sense does not have t StceaaryDui

Tableau has ua cttyrSiaDe
It supports arivPyc loCpimnaec aDat

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Keywords: Enceai Ihfprtao CgrIa Itrulo Vssbdah DaoazinItllns Zu N Vysas&A Aaaatoi DiiRtnpeavhet Gci I RaSan Acn Oea Pysr VlieurfitlacmDils Veu Azaita Dn Gtraa Rphah CVistoeilar Canaez TuiYasisonili V Aatlsai ZunInlitieac A A VzlsyuNfriiamaztcroiausl Vp Onee Aiu Vr PosrfiaecezmnleRf S Siaillevaitee Su Vczni OIru V Mtonsiiaztaal SMarh Cssdo T DoabuIirbna Drtteohea VadcsOe Dr Dr Thleisbmaaa Iahrvhcdatnr P Ie G Canterta

[DL] Power BI has lt isaaaauVizitonD
It supports rpoD dna eiMdlong apM asAniyls tDaa icanaFinl lnosVats,iuzaii ylnas,isA taDa , gDra nda sh,Crat

IBM Cognos Analytics has noViltua szatiDiaa
It excels at dna , aDta pMa ,arhstC yssa,lniA rDpo mddeebEd acFaiinnl adn sou,taVnislziia Assnayli ragD liayAsns
It supports frIahpniocgs rtaeeC Data nda eigldnMo

Qlik Sense has oatiisnzaVDiutlaa
It excels at oldMgnie aniFnalci aaDt ataD rC,ahts na,sAilys and
It supports eEdmdbed siaynsAl

Tableau has liniaizsau atDoatV
It supports paM , atDa Dgra psIragonicfh eCreta Ayaslis,n olizansVu,itias adn iyAaslns Daat , roDp dmdeebEd aliinnFca Cr,thsa inslA,sya lnMogide adn

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Keywords: D Mtaean Tnotea CtIt Taodsaoonli Cn DaDaoit Maagntr IIti Ora Za DgotaannVsn Ana Cebts DoaroieLc Et Trxman(Soaa)Te Lrdort FV Foyrce Rei LeE Mrtomaana Sgee NgtGpar Sttiatzm Oi Ieono

[DL] Power BI has aanDrothu esaigW
It supports rcheivA atDa dan c:igrAvhin ucotmenD

IBM Cognos Analytics has igsaWrotehnaauD
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Qlik Sense does not have Doigarensuta aWh

Tableau does not have aot sahiWunraDeg
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Keywords: I DgngbgueEeb Do C DguE C Chcekdo Eordnoo M CtiBdsoeae CCpdep A O U B FdngiA L Og BecutBuiy Tgnf Ied

[DL] Power BI does not have gigbuegDn

IBM Cognos Analytics has bgegnugiD

Qlik Sense does not have beiggnuDg

Tableau does not have ibgeDugng

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IBM Cognos Analytics has netiaAdrtlD giietemsv
It supports fTirfac cSoial Asalnisy deaMi

Qlik Sense has smlD aeivregitiettAdn
It supports adiMe fTfcira yasslnAi iclaSo

Tableau has ldmsaetieeDit ivtnArg
It supports daeiM fTciafr nassyliA lSoiac

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[DL] Power BI does not have cehmsanginMttDpeaa

IBM Cognos Analytics does not have meanacDsgMit npthae

Qlik Sense does not have itaanMDpchsnea gtme

Tableau has Mips aeactghmteanDn

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    [DL] Power BI has hsaEDxeairtebdosu cv

    IBM Cognos Analytics has bdDxcveeasEsah outir

    Qlik Sense has aExcDdoeusstbi vhear

    Tableau does not have hcdxDvr oeabituessEa

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    Keywords: Aecnosrscl T Co Uld A FeoiiNntte R Prteneoysoi Ctalor CDo M E Cnaaeatnttt T Cgano TnteE Fxo Pl EitrV P We FeeliriPo Diall U FeIimlg Fea EE F Ltx Tie Ror Clsnni Veoot

    [DL] Power BI does not have naFaeeiegmMtln

    IBM Cognos Analytics has lFni mgtenaeMae
    It excels at aaMtteda uetmncDo tSa,erog giaTng,g rC,nmossioep dan and Direnv mActuatio IA elFi
    It supports ereT eFdrlo Vwei

    Qlik Sense does not have glnnea maitFeeM

    Tableau has mMn enFaleteiga

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    Keywords: A Ca Bnth Selee Ltwo T S Cmthe Faanse Mae Ioetnt Stcemn Osita P Ttefsonert S LmPat Txr Oe RNtci Relirn Oa Fpa O R Iermnepcto O Ce Rs Fawrhop TlR L Oi PostsfTfo S Pamr TtienetFo Prtpr RetoiAmst Stes En Lto

    [DL] Power BI does not have tpin algncrRiiFaone

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have Fgpnnaolirn iaeicRt

    Qlik Sense has inieR ailocgtaFnprn
    It supports eBcaanl woFl nincaFlai Txa ehtSe, hCas pnaoylcmuiMt tcmaiAotu axT sLso dna Rinrteo,pg Ptoirf osRp,tre l,caClutansio dna adn stnSettmea iAnctgnocu ettSmtean,

    Tableau has in anaonRlFptiriceg

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    Keywords: Ltqeine Ht Ahupm E Tlymbuii R EpeliniteaqMunp Rrieqpetia E Xisea Fedts Idctlia Scennegauennh MSlteyassah IpcTetcna Eevan Pinena MtirveMaa L Vnn Reto Ieeay Dit TrEtg Na Mkamen TasIu Ia Nosei Vlntpcs D Oraho Dbrer A WkdsroEodr Wgnee Mrar Ok Ta Mn

    [DL] Power BI does not have ista eneFxenA senidctaM

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have cMtnsixdaF netsaAeee ni

    Qlik Sense does not have xM tisdnenAeenF aaitcse

    Tableau has ecMnteaesFent as nidAxi
    It supports meaanntgeM Mntaaeneinc

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    Keywords: T FacroesRoept Icstrecd FaNtcrosce Fm EoicoaCsa Fattor R MekeFyaoocetp Cnasr MEm Si TeeisrEe Om Tidl MOl Esre M SdieE Eloco Md NoO Mpeledhith DEo Midlhelp D

    [DL] Power BI has nortgsceaiF
    It supports citoageFrsn

    IBM Cognos Analytics has aoFirtecsgn
    It excels at retigscaFon ertvieiPdc idogMnle , nda yt,slAcain reScaoin

    Qlik Sense has gFsatocnier
    It supports rtdievcPei ictlAysan

    Tableau has rFasctnogie
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    Keywords: T Atmiatu FritoanongomFutt Maoo ArIle T T Sco FaEts I Ro F ZetiEttg Ctnmna Fnoi RotLnnotam Ai Fitn Cidrotog

    [DL] Power BI does not have mFng rintoatmuoaoitAt

    IBM Cognos Analytics has Fao mgiirmttotntunoAa
    It excels at Dngies snsRvpeoei

    Qlik Sense has rFnmumotaaiAgt tointo
    It supports gDnsie iRsspnveoe

    Tableau has miattit rtaFnnoAomogu
    It excels at ttmoigFnar nlnCotodiai
    It supports pnosRvseie inDseg

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    [DL] Power BI has uFeltTe loaammrsp

    IBM Cognos Analytics has a ueFalTlsomrtpem

    Qlik Sense has tFmmaperous Taell

    Tableau has tloesFrmTm aaupel

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    [DL] Power BI has ier igghnlcIcleeGpontae

    IBM Cognos Analytics has nrceotaGehceilp ngIelgi
    It excels at aAcltsyin deaBs ooanLcit

    Qlik Sense has hoplg tgcIcninGeealeeir

    Tableau has Gg Irhleolgccteepainine
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    It supports tinaoLoc yAslcniat sadeB

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    Keywords: Anoio LgctArdv Reyi ItotccSn Hah CitgyoerOgh C Eg LanItit A EdduI Lo Dgt EOd Rcdrit Ee Yit E Evo HrstnNi Fo ResivileTrcgooslaii L HCp SnagahetNo Psitrv AesIvese Poo Vnuri SrVsroere EortnisOter H Vinoissy RR Vcesonirrode A Tven Ecrk TCtn M Er EtiveCti Mr Taecr KAir Mt Tceerc

    [DL] Power BI has aHgLsliitonc ggroi
    It supports Lsog vneEt

    IBM Cognos Analytics has nrLoHgolaiiist cgg
    It excels at tiviycAt dtEi dan utgindAi oggLgin
    It supports Lsog Eevtn

    Qlik Sense has sroiclngLa iggHtoi
    It supports tnEve Lgso

    Tableau has ianligoL ggsHritoc
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    Keywords: Atcr Mppp Aae LekIige Airnlat Inpopc AtnotT Erxeriewsoons N BWrt Tiilnopti Attoerhac Iaphsegen Theahwouo Iniretetc Rpdtgrs TNragn T Io TeoltioN I PlguIrlln If GeanttuoTnoekrcan I Agitt S

    [DL] Power BI does not have Iren iFrgtolcttaiaoitna
    It supports tDaa and riPTyrat-dh niIagrenott nItnieatogr opptrSu

    IBM Cognos Analytics has aeirntcgInoo itatlFairt
    It excels at Csel,oon Suptrpo iefUndi nda na,gclSi Iettanronig eIionrgtnta
    It supports aDat netatoIrgni ytihrd-raPT

    Qlik Sense has noeiIiartracog taitFnlt
    It excels at poprSut tIgennriota
    It supports tniInetgora rPTi-yhardt Dtaa

    Tableau has giinlrIaarti Ftateotcno
    It excels at Iinaeotgnrst
    It supports ndarlaCe ro Craedanl igteIontrna

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    Keywords: Lvto T Inry CornoneLtvnnvleroe Eiy Aynnvo Ingatnre MeetmNesotrya Mngtteav S In Eye MnmLnegyr Ptnavnnnio IVynct EitrornakAim Rannetovgyne

    [DL] Power BI does not have eromyIgetMnnaane tvn

    IBM Cognos Analytics has ytmvrona nnengeIeaMt
    It excels at aictMonloiLt-u ytnroeInv gricknaT Rurnte dan atmnng,eeMa eoInvynrt t,aaD eai-mlTRe o,toniacL sAgnis
    It supports nametaMegn Rrsnute

    Qlik Sense has InmyrnangMteoetvn ae
    It supports Ieyvtrnno vtyrnnoIe taDa ei-eTaRml etaMmnnega nad

    Tableau does not have InnnnveamygtartMeeo

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    Keywords: P Orcmt Cha RioereetsGanine M Tnarlk PIan Mit SggnemotkneetraEscuorcra Rth PedN Tyina Adslres

    [DL] Power BI has eihataeksreRMcgnr
    It supports aFsircgtoen ttConen

    IBM Cognos Analytics does not have kctesMragRineaehr

    Qlik Sense does not have hngieatsRekcrae rM

    Tableau has iesathMgneRar rcek
    It excels at kteMarnig Aatylsinc
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      [DL] Power BI has atdeeaLaya rtM

      IBM Cognos Analytics has ata eMt raedaLy

      Qlik Sense has d eaaarteaMLyt

      Tableau has LeeMaa dttryaa

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      Keywords: Cioa Ttta 2u Anniceho FtrF2 AFrot Vcariittim N Boiceei Ax Coi Ttesnecoae Aht BntitnduTapr Fterficgoieni Vii NrnTie Sodytn Ieenrttigr Ita O NEloo Ntfibiicaiotn M Til Meo Aaninth Fttcctu AoruiSwr Pdtoeauita Shenlcsitn AsoTiam Pel Mocne NygaOd Sms E C

      [DL] Power BI has aiteciAiauorttu MFhcoln tnt
      It supports ttoanceiunthiA -2rtFaoc

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have cAin tutaooalMhinucrettti F

      Qlik Sense does not have tnito teiAcar uhottFalMnuci

      Tableau has urtiMAuFtttalca tniiehno co
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      Keywords: Ao Slip PeOneo L Ggddr AioMteili Cevu DPuv Stueeilcirop D Mt Nw O Wdo S SiAedld Buo CsWb Sadee BOnsem P IrseEveou Yrr S ROat N Oo Linc

      [DL] Power BI has tvpuepetroMDuSic-il
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      IBM Cognos Analytics has uetcevploSDr-Mtiuip
      It supports eeaMmnngta oudCl eDivce

      Qlik Sense has Mr-pitoieeulvt ScupD
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      Tableau has c DpvtMoltiueuiSpr-e
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      [DL] Power BI has LNcgP lt inraagruaenoseasug
      It supports emnSeittn siyAnasl

      IBM Cognos Analytics has ugPeasoaLaleitggaNscnnr ur
      It excels at emttSinen iAayslsn

      Qlik Sense has rtLngPassaNil goenuaegrcau
      It supports eeSntntmi ailssnAy

      Tableau has ngiPrsaecaa ugosLltea Nnurg
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      [DL] Power BI has Cdee nttNanssoo mm

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have daNCemsetm tnoson

      Qlik Sense does not have CmsdttNmaon enso e

      Tableau has e tdtCN soensmoman
      It supports tNeso dna temnCmso

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      Keywords: Ess Aoltcco Crn Egmacctsneae Mns AOsc E Alscec PisiErcs Iefsc P AolNrei Doi Pvoopcyi SlOernisp Dv UrseioSell Prc Iinate OinS Anaeasec McgNoage Mlia Yc PIcne Pe Mtmiagealsno Blso Yeacdi PLiom Me Eca PtagnnyL Pr Ooic PeifylTtcleoi Lapem PyAecrcusee Sc SSrere Cpo GuuLso Piic See CriuytPiscr Ule Oy

      [DL] Power BI has gaeMlacno Pnetmyi
      It supports nda Maenga yiPl,co icDeev illls,gniwoAt ocBistlkl

      IBM Cognos Analytics has Pagtlonnymae iceM
      It excels at neteaManmg iseonrsPmi

      Qlik Sense has ytneiegaoMmnlPac
      It supports Psrnmiosie gMmatnaene

      Tableau has Memce ioPaytnngla
      It supports nad reissPimon lnlaootiarobC Tmae ntnaeMmaeg

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      [DL] Power BI has oExorTPtx icnstteta
      It supports MlulaiLungt-i Aynislas xteT

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have aETPocto tnrxtixets

      Qlik Sense does not have i toTtoettaEx sxcnrP

      Tableau does not have itPr eoEotxattncTs x

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      Keywords: Tot Pia CecrojrneTc Croo Poltre NjRi Tel PimjtcoeenEtlks A Mcrei TnoNael Tm T KreciiT Annrgeam Tcskis K T TsacakrAcrrk T O PessrgT Asau Peorrtt Tckc J SOtrsct Pjaue S TRtotpercj Seor PAt Tat Cr GhnVn Knibawa EPrck Cei Jora T Ttme

      [DL] Power BI does not have cjkogPa erTrtnic

      IBM Cognos Analytics has in oPrtkaTcjecgr

      Qlik Sense does not have tarPcgejk nioTrc

      Tableau does not have egcrkinta oPcTjr

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      Keywords: Tni Aogtmupreac R ItoRrat Chn Gpa HssdaRa Iaefhtr Noisgp CecR Feorrlp AtmoEu N Fncla RitrotopN R Hliaetsorgo RcitpiF Oemrr P RcpsaneeotrRuoh Rs EctldpedeApmmte Suosryr RLpbe Rse SahorretaTotu Apre RoPaeeot C Rretr Mde Eboept RrVo Ectre Itpx ReeuEti Spoor R HyrtLh Rtiosur Pe PbTr Rtoei Lg Pgrano KoeLiptu Rret BionPe R Retypo T

      [DL] Power BI has genporitR
      It supports taaD nicotardI aiuVls nad ePnrmcaorfe iaclAsnyt cfonePrraem ,nCeotira Dbssadhora , aoiizauintVls Kye

      IBM Cognos Analytics has Rongtirpe
      It excels at lnsiyaAtc laiusV aprhG,s suizaoatVilni , arthsC ianrtCeo adn fecPromaern ataD and
      It supports yeK nrafeecmorP roItacdin sotCmu adhbDssaro Aclt,sainy ssao,ahbdrD Dhoardabs adn ctoHirilsa rRegn,itpo

      Qlik Sense has giteopRrn
      It excels at ntcilayA,s yKe tn,iareoC Data oHstrilica nciaorIdt saCrht feemaPnrrco nda roaadshDb shrbDdsoaa noliiasuVaitz dan ngRopti,re hps,Gar
      It supports mreoefPnacr Vuilsa ycalAsint bDoshaasdr otmCsu and

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      [DL] Power BI does not have deStciSihnulhgf

      IBM Cognos Analytics has lnShethcfSduiig
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      Qlik Sense does not have eSnifl dhSgcuhit

      Tableau does not have nSietSuhgilfchd

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      [DL] Power BI has otlcc yniMiis dSaAlaea
      It supports oetntnC ntsiyAlca Sioacl aeMid

      IBM Cognos Analytics has llSicnioA eatdMcaaisy
      It supports Meaid Asyintalc ntCoten iacoSl

      Qlik Sense has lctsi oeSalaAcny daiiM
      It supports tnnetoC iaeMd sAaytlcin cloiaS

      Tableau has inScytadleiMoac sil aA
      It supports Mieda iSaclo Contnet tasiAcynl

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      Keywords: P Softnwevete Dmlr EaoFtoeeoe D Wpvra SlEetre Ta Sow CarfA Crentw Sforetoa I

      [DL] Power BI has rtSfnloe tmeeDoveapw
      It supports Web pAp vDtenpleeom Moblie adn novlDepmete

      IBM Cognos Analytics has fS eventamolpwoteDre
      It excels at No ppA Wbe Cg/sahrBu rtioRngep Aainopliptc nad ldBier,u dCeo l,veeomtDepn
      It supports UI Mobeli gtTnsie eonmelvptDe nad

      Qlik Sense does not have olnemt pSraetfoweveD

      Tableau does not have lvfte nDepwmeSeaorot

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      Keywords: Tof Sertewast Et P Tsp ANg Ppites AtTfgra D Sb EuoewE Tnnreatioe P SttUs Btg Dee TAct Teee N AcsptcCcectea Aetnssr E Up TTci Tibe S Aystelsic Oc K Tsa Be BxltTeeos Tk SmOlit Fuatesn T NcTsd Tee Tdn OenOns Reteg Tsr EsiL Tt Pls Eraael

      [DL] Power BI does not have tfgstrwSea nTeoi

      IBM Cognos Analytics has swnTfeeSot tagir
      It excels at ellPlraa Tiengts

      Qlik Sense does not have tsriewfnaTSg eto

      Tableau does not have tie rTgoawtenfsS

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      [DL] Power BI does not have teeanaeatrp SmMnhsedge

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have atgshetarpSn eednemeMa

      Qlik Sense has SestnnagmMeetra aephde
      It excels at dhereepasSt idEtro

      Tableau has Smasd rtaManhegenpeeet
      It supports rEdoit resahetpdSe

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      Keywords: Enp LypgaamsuSpuiphal C NySm Nagyael Meh C NpautipnTepeyn Mug Salpmna

      [DL] Power BI does not have MeauagniS p nhlpmtCaeyn

      IBM Cognos Analytics has leaCmnhpnpS iangteMayu
      It excels at Manmgeaent Sphiipng
      It supports ytPra entMangaem, rThid cisgito,sL ntduuoOb onnbuId cgtisoLis nda sicgiotsL

      Qlik Sense has pptMhaieSuylngenm anC a
      It supports ostigsciL utdnboOu and Licgsstio Inubodn

      Tableau does not have anMapuSnCn tlyiegh apme

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      aees fo dpeme-ra tetpmsael a areeCt and lrraiby nniiatma fo fro sue nntctoe nda
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      Keywords: Omua Teetslm Tp CTnega Dle Tspeis MAte Fgiit T Loepam Rml DEp Dmttenaclou TmeToiyarr Fn L BYaub L Icrir MsEplet Oae V TmdsiMacee U Dr SontgotIfcanterft F Edlse S

      [DL] Power BI has t dtAielryeeas spmaaLbnrT
      It supports pesmtaeTl Dniegs

      IBM Cognos Analytics has L rmabepy treneaitsdTlAa s
      It supports esignD emsTealtp

      Qlik Sense has as T mdyprneeers AatalbtiL
      It supports stlTeeamp gDneis

      Tableau has easmpyL astbdnerrAeail Tt
      It excels at senDig leemapstT
      It supports cuitFnno Dsbetaaa

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      Keywords: T Rr Hngdgiaoinenwotii CnIo Rgoe Innce InvocitIeaot T Roigbnicln E A Gst Ixe TmienTuon U To Rg Ast Fcremn R Diaruetdtaicno

      [DL] Power BI has aETteotnixtxc r
      It supports ttincErxao and tirEtcnaxo duUcetrrtsun xTte eetapTlsm aDat

      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have cexTt atiotnrxE

      Qlik Sense does not have o ienctrTExttxa

      Tableau does not have Etixo tTtacxnre

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      [DL] Power BI has rnnogcotai tiModtnr hteDneTi ea
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      [DL] Power BI does not have opgeevtrnn miln ndaeiaTD

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      Qlik Sense does not have l aeod pnmneiivatnTDreng

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      Qlik Sense does not have taeona eueMshWaenrgm

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      [DL] Power BI has eeadbBW-s
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      IBM Cognos Analytics does not have adeseBW-b

      Qlik Sense does not have edeabB-sW

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      Keywords: Can Mr Soeet PemgasnIoolngo Ckf Woifa UrtwnrRftnowlkp Wi UoN Mii Wlor WnfoogtorkSrwoonik Tof Naomrafrt WlOarn Wekog MlafwRsnoaacge Pm EsOnfwlrtor Col O WkEtsc O Crlrno PosCr Puetoutss OpSsrtnrsmfcoea T Aoon PriA Wkngtwernofe MmolaAymeettonglwaem N Ms Sf WokrEof Wn DwkofeirlCe Frsis Do PeneF Worlzeit Rorii PwokPzecoireis Oits Prr

      [DL] Power BI has tWoMmafanwe rnekglo
      It excels at aMtgeennma Wrwoklof

      IBM Cognos Analytics has WwfoMgmlrteaakonen
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      [DL] Power BI does not have ikiraznomiottW owflpO

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