Datadog Cloud Monitoring


ELK Stack

Splunk Enterprise
  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning

Dynatrace has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at AI/Machine Learning

ELK Stack has AI/Machine Learning
It supports AI/Machine Learning

Splunk Enterprise has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning and Machine Learning
It supports Entity Analysis and AI/Machine Learning

  • API Security
    Set key or token verification on endpoints
  • API Monetization
    Provides options to monetize external use of an API
  • API Testing
    Tests API endpoints
  • Create Plugins
    Provides ability to create plugins via APIs
  • API Gateway
    Provide a gateway proxy for the API in which it can handle and serve incoming requests
  • API
    Provide API documentation and support

Keywords: ApiApi SecurityApi GatewayApi MonetizationApi TestingCreate PluginCreate ApiPublish Api

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has API Management
It supports API and API Testing

Dynatrace has API Management
It excels at API Testing

ELK Stack has API Management
It excels at API and API Testing

Splunk Enterprise does not have API Management
It supports API Testing

  • Trigger Notifications
    Prompts alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met or in response to pre-defined actions
  • Push Notifications
    Sends notifications to users when a certain condition is, or set of conditions are, met
  • Reminders and Notifications
    Set, send, and receive reminders and notifications regarding upcoming events or deadlines
  • Automatic Reminders
    Create reminders to alert yourself or others of due dates, appointments, or events
  • Email Alerts
    Send and receive alerts or notifications over email when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Account Alerts
    Sends alerts by email, text message and push notification when there's an activity by a customer
  • Text Alerts
    Send and receive alerts via text message when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Warning Messages
    Automatically, or manually, send alerts and warnings to employees when they are unproductive or meet certain conditions
  • Real-Time Security Updates
    Updates user immediately when there is an issue or breach
  • Alert Signaling
    Gathers alerts and notifications into a single signal to reduce alert fatigue and pinpoint a root cause

Keywords: Account AlertAccount NotificationAlert SettingEmail AlertEmail NotificationGet AlertGet NotifiedNotification SettingPush NotificationReminder And NotificationSet ReminderWarning AlertWarning MessageWarning Notification

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications, Push Notifications, Reminders and Notifications, and Text Alerts
It supports Email Alerts

Dynatrace has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications and Push Notifications
It supports Email Alerts, Reminders and Notifications, Alert Signaling, and Text Alerts

ELK Stack has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications
It supports Alert Signaling

Splunk Enterprise has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications, Email Alerts, and Text Alerts

  • Site Reliability Engineering
    Maintains integrity of application structure
  • Container Management
    Modify containers and cells by adjusting type and size
  • Mobile Platform Monitoring
    Monitors and tracks mobile application performance
  • Application Configuration Saving
    Save and reload application configurations.
  • Service Mapping
    Provides a visual chart of associated services and applications on a network or IT infrastructure
  • Uptime Reporting
    Monitors, measures, and reports on website, network, and application availability (up- and downtime)
  • Application Load Testing
    Analyze how the application performs under varying levels of stress
  • Website Availability Testing
    Runs a test on a website to check uptime and availability
  • Latency Monitoring
    Monitors and reports on application and server response times
  • Website Crawl
    Crawls pages on users' website as a part of site audit to determine site performance and health

Keywords: Application TracingCode Level Root Cause AnalysisCode TracingDashboard AnalyticsDeployment Impact MonitorDistributed TracingError RetentionRegression DetectionRegression TestingRum Session TracingSynthetic MonitoringTracing RetentionApplication PerformanceApp PerformancePerformance MonitoringPerformance Analysis

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring and Application Configuration Saving
It supports Site Reliability Engineering, Website Availability Testing, and Latency Monitoring

Dynatrace has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring and Latency Monitoring
It supports Uptime Reporting, Service Mapping, Application Load Testing, Container Management, and Application Configuration Saving

ELK Stack has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Service Mapping and Application Load Testing
It supports Uptime Reporting, Container Management, and Latency Monitoring

Splunk Enterprise has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring
It supports Uptime Reporting, Service Mapping, Application Load Testing, Container Management, Latency Monitoring, and Application Configuration Saving

  • Vulnerability Data Mapping
    Allows for ad hoc mapping of data as it flows through the pipeline in order to check for potential vulnerabilities
  • Incremental Scanning
    Continuously scan portions of applications or web-apps for vulnerabilities

Keywords: Application ExposureApplication VulnerabilityRasp SecurityRuntime Application Self ProtectionVulnerability ScanningApplication SecurityApplication ThreatApplication Protection

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Application Security

Dynatrace has Application Security

ELK Stack has Application Security

Splunk Enterprise has Application Security

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Keywords: Da Pngngncu Deihnlinl Sa Cuend SghliHas Su Dnlyeipdlgi CLl Pi I AaganayniintbvlPedictpulgit Hnn Am SnoeTo Thgm Seund AceluadiNdy Sa Cel RnacNc O Gu SpghuireldCielh S Tge Euinld Rma

Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have mtsAppiontne

Dynatrace does not have mtsAotnepnip

ELK Stack does not have eopmtnpintsA

Splunk Enterprise has npmAoesiptnt
It supports enalCrda cryazotnSoihnni

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Keywords: A Msgtn Ap SepiY Lootnelesmp D ToPcernirg Cakaofmnr TeL Tsayssnce I Pi AhactgkrMntoardn Ep UgotiiArncpetc Ue AcseCintstr Agr Tiv Uykc IeaIaenrg S K S T Ucerosnis

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ak eo ts lU aarypmdTenistgesenDAcgn
It supports namMneteag telonyemDp

Dynatrace has ekst msesnoecegrD A lgnUdtaypaa nTi
It supports meMtnaneag sAtse meDlnytepo nad aicrgTkn

ELK Stack has cps aagtngee ead enmAtkslrTDin Uosy
It supports mengMnaate neotymelDp

Splunk Enterprise has anDmedpng aseteTi slnko eAry Usctga
It supports pmntyoDeel nda tssAe tgeMnaenma ragknTci

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Keywords: Setnr Tsctonsi A CuoEstsneg As Di Pdtrr Ptceo DoaieucnDss Pcroiup DaltoU Poin I PacrndtlngonEe Wry Ta MrnnatganmaTaessssp Lio DaAnnnessit Gl PaAtenxisi Ao Eptsr

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has lM eAgcncntfiyaesetLma ees

Dynatrace has cM aAclmegLs ystienfeneate

ELK Stack does not have LMtnea Aseyfitsceem egalnc

Splunk Enterprise has e eanttefsse LcilygaAmMecn
It supports dna orntMioign Aests toinnoCdi iLcfyleec getennmaMa

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Keywords: Oidi Au EtdIocod Ag Diu RnreO L AoipoduGe Aui Mod ErD Rcouei Aro DU Efnf C SetodOe Vveicr OE Ana Uae MngoitmdOou Liodgip A NTnu Slonod CroOo Cdlin A RtuoAun Mnd Ego Sa

Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have onignueAMetaa dm

Dynatrace does not have tdmn agieuoaAneM

ELK Stack does not have ineeu motAaaMdng

Splunk Enterprise has ineg AnmauodMtea

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Keywords: A Arago Aeg DtnitgR Tg Degat AgeaaTaletola C DcE Dgt Istaa NItne Gost DainaCca A DntoeloitlEtolct L Cu AoOg Uggtt A AreaEsttu Ago N I

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Atrgtntdguit eo aAeDaaogam
It excels at oumcittaA Data Flinugnen
It supports oeRicaicinotnl taaD

Dynatrace has unaAtadam tatDrgeiogo etAg
It excels at Auaotcmit atDa nelnigFun
It supports atDa ainieinlcoRtco

ELK Stack has iDoAmtaareto Adgatuegg tan
It excels at mAiottacu Data enFiunnlg

Splunk Enterprise has agA nittrgtegduaoAamDet oa
It supports aDta nglnuFnie tcaiomAut

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Keywords: R So Edat ClougR Re Cdese Sl LvuosSrrevs L Eeagseto Sr Sner Ch Udoe L Tot IBd Boa Esr E Sg WateA Be Wro StgeA Tr Itree Sgentno

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has tladCogrSou e
It excels at Ddeetaicd erSevr ouCld

Dynatrace has oteraoSudCgl
It supports uoCdl ddeeitaDc rSerev

ELK Stack has aor guoeltSdC
It supports lduCo eaeciDdtd rSvree

Splunk Enterprise does not have areSoCudt ogl

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Keywords: Nerusamahmy GcAtaigrnheomycp NO TcdaunrememcopItenecnro Ured MacoemtpFc LimproseeaAcn Hgtlihgghehi

Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have uooD eemCramtspcn

Dynatrace does not have epmut rocsnDeoCam

ELK Stack has cmatmeConoueDprs

Splunk Enterprise has tceoso rpnDCmuaem

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has cCtogattManeman en
It excels at toCatcn sabtDaea
It supports tCocnat emtnnaMgae

Dynatrace has nCaMtca tnnemeagto
It excels at basaDeat Ctncoat

ELK Stack has ngmcn ataMeCanoett
It excels at oCtnact asatbDea

Splunk Enterprise has nCoetngMtmanec taa
It excels at btasDeaa tnCctoa

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Keywords: Asnguemtela Cert M NRogi Sgurta Cne OfeR In A Ca Pot IneOtlearrnsite N C Cu Nintneter Ia CaigrootnMennmeeaaio Tt CnragnTrao Megriitinonon CnT Rsirteoiynae CrngOnrntaeio C R SgeatNrno Ce Staoturpip Nrrotooe W Cikld NaaA Ca Irmgtee Ie OcOi Ylantpoer Cne DMeatninnar CaogeAri Muen Ciott NlPoniet Onaen Cr

Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have Cnatnergn toneiMamea

Dynatrace has no nCenraatgnetamieM

ELK Stack has inMatenrgtannme eCoa

Splunk Enterprise does not have Canemnreeinttgo aanM

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    Keywords: Coiitoig Nner MronatnOeiit Mnotro Ca RnnRnisrt Igieo Mncevocori MSort Mceiovc Moirr EinCo Ivei Sr MrceTue Ie Mortbno KnrseEn Ctncn Oem PrafaoerirRoteres Ufea Pneec KnrmbViac Rrmf Mrencseiooc Pree Mcoo MiotcrriapopitiannlIcpon At Miorpli Ac

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has nriie eoattMornvi rceoMia ncnCoirsdng

    Dynatrace has niereroM ndogCcso oeicirinnvn rtatMia

    ELK Stack has enoeovacriMdinirctirnr otn eanMosCg i

    Splunk Enterprise does not have MicnrooedaaoMresCigrcnonn ntii ivetr

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    Keywords: Irf Icm Poointgoleau Adhisgti C StnNu P Cin Upmoost CToecknoigrf D Alde M Acper Pro CneyInealcigl Trtkrnocbeog C Gaa Airkgc I On T /V Lefrn Lienlgeoil Pi Cn Coi E Lkarit Tognnknoct Oonn Miyur Cets PmmoR Tog Meintahdc Rknci Tex Ee Nci Rtequuotsag Nhderr Ti Ga Tac

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has o lrCitunoPofnsuingi
    It supports ercTa ylsnAasi odCe

    Dynatrace has sfitnil onuoCginuPor
    It supports sAinlsya Cedo rTeac

    ELK Stack has roisgfonuinnPCioltu
    It supports yasinAsl aecrT eCod

    Splunk Enterprise does not have luoiioosrni PnftgnuC

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    Keywords: Etrme Ataeegagen N MmnEaeom G Mnnr CattantcTnaemle Eaa Mgn D

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eaettnaonarcmCn Mtg

    Dynatrace does not have rComcnttneaen aagtM

    ELK Stack does not have tCMma noeanrecantgt

    Splunk Enterprise does not have etCnrmtca onaagnteM

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    Keywords: T Caacstbaeatno DN Maoct Cnen GmetaatEmpor Crtue Eicxsn EeMun Kneedear Ccab Femgesa MtotU Cl Ymrott LayoseEsfl C Eoo Pmrritsu Ggeean Tgcmtnkirn Ea

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has mamnMnae gtstCreoue
    It excels at nda trecyioDr ienltC ruCoetms oeifrslP

    Dynatrace has nCa gmeeMstuomnrtea
    It excels at rstmCueo eisflorP
    It supports iCenlt ryDirtoec

    ELK Stack does not have estmgmeaCnMoetrn ua

    Splunk Enterprise has unmCn rgoeeaamMstet
    It supports omeCtrus slPerofi

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    Keywords: Cvc Surremi SoteeKw Mnmetdg EanneaogleLrm E Snup Tia Cp OnnohAk A N Sgicr TlVr Sc Ieeecki TtNat Mgnar Wety Mrneaa

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eertevS osciCrum
    It excels at smerCout sCeoumtr atCh and otCtahb rvSecei:

    Dynatrace has vcreSti emsueroC
    It supports dna Ctha ecev:rSi meurstoC ttChoba eoutCmrs

    ELK Stack does not have CrScieumtorvese

    Splunk Enterprise has rc eCStvosueerim

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    a of adta cyop dgtiali lfrauei etssas in dtaa taeapesr Miatanni csea ro dna a fo ystsme lsos ni
    • Cclniootel & emnaetMang aaDt
      aadt eoarignz tsse data and reagAtgeg and
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    Keywords: C Aetavia DrhP Aenlonoirasych Sun Riotc Tuydtmovea Rrece AoIuuam Ck Boptat AcNc Ed Miuck Chaoapl B UB Apcak Nu SEyilic M Pcaahsuc Bnh K PaVal Era M Citnu BauhipkcU Ccdk BoauplC Atsbinuavto LnlauiiiyoCnuocut Basuo PiknU K Bcat DaapEv Reaotc Ayr DDaiop Nlictaea RtYva Rsrts D RcoeeeiWeaitnd Rkndouersc NeC R Alaeieitaao Tpntl Mi Re DEr R Acte DoavI Dvnnrunea Entnedt RmoAhlooeran Scy Ra Dnicttis N Oup

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have aRaauBeyad pcDckt evor n
    It excels at Nwotkre aDat nad nIetdcni ,gtarSeo gnnaateemM pnloct,iRaei taaD Lsso
    It supports nda itleCoclon Lolca tSgoare & atDa naeetgnMam

    Dynatrace has acro e vkBnDtuaaycepaRd
    It supports and tendicnI nellootciC r,gaSote eeMatm,ngan Data ,lociptenRia otkNerw iarveolF atDa emagnateMn , Data notrecitPo & ossL

    ELK Stack has aapuvDt cey naoRBerkcd a
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    Splunk Enterprise does not have yeD cRkcraaBduo vtnaaep
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    It supports cuedShled ctnliloCeo nizoacitnhrnSoy, aatD yirocrteD naagetmnMe dna noayiorhicn,ztSn ucB,kpa & tcotuiAam

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    Keywords: T Dn Bedala O Drnwtalid La DIpatg Map DanEteaa Gr DmAa Do Mrt NalDtuarrc Suatt A D V DlaattiaL Drow Dn LiEaa Dlr F IttE Ag Mat DreAsforar D Mn Tat Da Nloatamr

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has anMltDaniiauo apt
    It excels at Qyeur nggLoig
    It supports aDat aaDt tasoTmnafrorni niedlngB and

    Dynatrace has naolaM Dtauinaipt
    It supports aabsteDa anioVlda,it ofniTtraonsmra nvs,orneiCo gLi,oggn aaDt adn molaa,ntirNizo atDa ataD yerQu

    ELK Stack has tinioMtauaalDnpa
    It excels at aatD zailaNiorntmo taDa etS dna omlaNtoarnzii

    Splunk Enterprise has paaDtioi lMnunata
    It supports ilzrNnaooiatm aaDt

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has aDana tarzoiOngit
    It excels at exdIn nda sTag Dtaa nda aaDt sCragoeeit
    It supports Ignexdni nad nad File utStnrcugir ataD monuetcD

    Dynatrace has OagDanzrtitnaiao
    It supports Flei outcDmen reCtiasgeo sagT adn dna dan dgxinenI aDta

    ELK Stack has i antrDiagozantOa
    It excels at ngrS,tuucirt adn xendI Daat nad gTsa taaD ,Daat osieaegrCt

    Splunk Enterprise has iOtnzao itangraaD
    It supports aDat, ovtinErennm, iaueloDnpi-Dct Cto,eaegsri ucu,tgritnrS Ixedn and gaTs LSQ taaD aDat nad yttniE

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have icStetyua Dra
    It excels at aDat eyScuitr
    It supports eamnganteM tdinnEpo

    Dynatrace has are aStDutiyc
    It excels at aDta rucieytS

    ELK Stack has yauS Dteitacr
    It excels at aDat uSytecri

    Splunk Enterprise does not have u ecttryaiaDS
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    Keywords: Retiafgoca Chen I RpOradiantazs Vouh Liabis DOsus Di Vyin Tlal&N Asiaa Tz IaaHr G Itepa CnraitevLcntimesu Arc V Paas Ofyn RealiTzii Daa Ueals VTr Gp Hnaadah CrIizaoaetu Ci Vsle TnraSuzinasotaniiy Va AlilsTyalazui Ac Ieinls VAafne Vei Ziaisronul PcomtrVescn Peimurrae IoalfzNio Sfa Vilvt Sl Ceieeaiu SzrL Vitisa Rntuoazami SHaosra Cuos DbdmtInaaahtereot Dcrisdb VHmb Tasod D Rra Ealei Giaat Cthaerthna C Irnve Rpd

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has VusoiitDltaaazain
    It excels at ataD isAnalys adn apM aasoiitnzVsliu
    It supports nda Cerate , Dpor ,Asanylsi snasiyAl grDa beedmddE and ogiIfpacrnsh

    Dynatrace has unoiastazaViD ltia
    It excels at nasAlyis ataD

    ELK Stack has saintaolaautiDV zi
    It excels at nisaylsA aDat

    Splunk Enterprise has Diitatan iVlsuoaza
    It excels at Fiinanlac tDaa atrChs dan slAiaysn
    It supports Eedemdbd sniylAas

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    Keywords: E Tttd Cnn MeaataoInioattaalod C Dns ON M Da Toatiaigr Targaan Oitoaniz DAeo Ci Sotvne DaanbsrR( Oao Exsndf Et Ta Tmr) R L LactRe Feceloiy Rv Gaa Rnemtn Seotae Mg Irtpitmi Stoeaagoz On

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have agoDarWuteahn si
    It excels at aDat Rwa elFi caRliienotp se,cscA oytrznSoic,ahnin aDat adn oingtnMoir oodntiinlosC,a
    It supports oreagSt oacLl arMigtoi,n a,geroSt aergSot utaRenddn taa,nenmgeM tontneC dna Mtdet,aaa aatD

    Dynatrace does not have hgDrao aenWasitu
    It supports aigoMirnt Rwa oyaonntizc,ihSnr aDat teCtnno penaticoRli lieF adaMtt,ea adn ataD tiino,Mrong ntoaoil,snioCd atDa eAcss,c

    ELK Stack has isongaauhaeDWt r
    It excels at dan Sargote nleotpicaRi dunRndtae trignionMo
    It supports Stgoare ocaLl adn hSr,yinnoacizotn egoartS lieF tnanegaMm,e

    Splunk Enterprise has anauWet grahisDo
    It excels at nariytocinShzon iFle
    It supports mutDonec adn nhi:vAcirg lEm,ais :rivgnAich a,tDa hericAv

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    Keywords: Bgiu DggneEgdbe Cou D Kche Eod CcD Mont Coi EroEsodab Ce Aoe CppdBdn Fugi T C Leau BgoIedtui N Bygf

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Dngegigub

    Dynatrace has bggenuDgi

    ELK Stack has giengDbgu

    Splunk Enterprise does not have Dgbuignge

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    eyltidrc tehrei vai eiedcsv dan iseiplco liultpme spmirsionse ro lotnorC
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    Keywords: Aece M Mvoabi Srse LgneirNetto Lr R CmooeNse Rmetl InatatoloiMe Lceo O RktBeo T Rmoeeot RToec Stprm RieAls I Inlt SnletAeeec Mi Gv DranMdmTme M Dganeio Mcablveieen O Etil Corevn Dc

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ne tegneimvecaaMD
    It excels at ieD,vsce noCortl ssisrePnmio es,dRorc and ieDvce and teNkowr ceCetnnod
    It supports ivceDe meaegntnaM USB

    Dynatrace has va teemeDciagMnen
    It supports beasalp,tiiCi nidritseaimvAt ceDiev and rCotlon, rosnimiPsse dna tRoeme ctSirps etcnCnoed Dievs,ce eeRtom

    ELK Stack does not have ce emngateDivnaeM

    Splunk Enterprise has eeMnmge ivanaecDt
    It supports aemgenMatn oNewkrt nrfi-nnhT-tstoegeI notr,oCl dna gMnneamtea, SUB r,sdoeRc and (ITo) eDviesc, oiinemssrsP oCtndecen ivceeD Deceiv

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have nd DtmAirgteeilvstiae

    Dynatrace does not have eiiAtmngsaeitlDtrved

    ELK Stack does not have asdvermAttitiDlneeig

    Splunk Enterprise has eeslagmArDn ittidvite
    It supports acrffiT isasnlAy eiadM oiaScl

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has crtDm Mpnakeouu
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    Dynatrace does not have rockunaDeMupmt

    ELK Stack does not have rDtueM capmonuk

    Splunk Enterprise does not have MutkamcoprDenu

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has mlEia
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    Dynatrace has liamE
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    ELK Stack does not have lmiaE

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have AltmmoiuiEntaa o

    Dynatrace does not have otumntoAlaaimiE

    ELK Stack does not have EtoAm itmnouaail

    Splunk Enterprise has lAtniEamituoaom
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    Splunk Enterprise does not have mErep ogoionlytiMen

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has nrlFe ihiSag
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has liawrFel

    Dynatrace has ielwFral

    ELK Stack does not have elliarwF

    Splunk Enterprise does not have aelliFrw

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has iFsneatein exs cndMAeta
    It supports nemaetganM nntaeiaencM

    Dynatrace does not have eMenndFax ecs saniAtite

    ELK Stack does not have icnsn tedMeAF snxeataie

    Splunk Enterprise does not have teFxsne eiAeM caistdnan

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have iesgrFacton
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    Dynatrace has nracsitgFeo

    ELK Stack has teasFgocrni
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has gFotouAnnrmitimot ata
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    Dynatrace does not have itioatnoormnuAFa mgtt

    ELK Stack has touogAmtinrioamntaF t
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    Splunk Enterprise does not have om oiaartFinAnouttmgt

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have sFmro

    Dynatrace does not have rsoFm

    ELK Stack does not have sormF

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    It excels at atcAlnysi ooicntLa Bsdae

    Dynatrace does not have cenrngpileactlGg iIeeho

    ELK Stack does not have eoeGgceltiena rhclgIinp

    Splunk Enterprise does not have nllcGroctneiph eieIeagg

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    Keywords: Tcg Aooi LnIc Adryvcitto ReGhe Hsaoi Cnt RyL On CgahegDiu Ai E TdtTdg E Io LD Rt E RoidecVttioy Hresn EFliiveieso RnIac L Hoilg SotrC H PtsngaeaEntosvs Pri A Ee Vrisvorusn PoiEnoeoetv RsirsrTr Vh YiiosrsnoeDor Vee Rinos Rc Enrv Tckat EN T Meetri EcvCer Mtc TkriaRecc Tie Ra Mt

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has sHncgLg rgoioitail
    It excels at adn gsnriaP Lnggigo Log Uidfnei
    It supports oLg ,gggLoni osiEnlcxu g,sLo tenvE dna ycAvtiit

    Dynatrace has ngHoiscigo glaitrL
    It excels at iyctviAt oggniLg Etnve sogL dan

    ELK Stack has oLngligrscgaHio it
    It excels at adn gnoig,gL g,Los Log nraPgsi Eetvn Ueiidfn
    It supports and xlisEcnou, n,iogggL gidtuAin iitcAtyv Edit goL

    Splunk Enterprise has l HocsiLgoigtnarig
    It supports tEven iAgniutd iEtd ogL gggoiLn, oLg,s tvyicAti adn Lnoi,ggg iedUnfi ignarPs,

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      Keywords: D Ita Mennnieaget CmnEca T An Dlyimntoeo Esdnp R Iitcnoeesn

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have niT IenaeRaIMdngatni tkmns ecd

      Dynatrace has dtaa Incin gnneaeiTtemk MdIRns

      ELK Stack has iMnnIatRacniInkmdT aeedtnsg e

      Splunk Enterprise has TtRIncnnsg idetieknnMmI eaa a d

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      Keywords: Utadgnedt Roni R Ai P Cyeplo DuoenmtdlMnrgnoodi Citl UoRintigoanino Me C TrnoEbmdit Delnop Hryy Ftrfnaaorre Prsutem IuenccrN L Os Ivo Mginr PsorieectSt A Lo PrngteGn LigogIn Mtr Roene TcetiSerkcoit Nve Dyr WoO Nto MoktnnirregiwEp D P Onmytseorienm ElNnto Pr Mioesscro GiIm Re Mc S Taltriee Motni Cetaosie Raot Reun DEr Sireiovnontg Mr

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ufoIntMgtiarsoiu nenrcrrt

      Dynatrace has rnoMg uouftraeIcnitrsntir

      ELK Stack has sniutrcfnIra euotMongtirr

      Splunk Enterprise has nirorfceinsorttgtrManuuI
      It supports aMigppn seagU

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      Keywords: Pklpe Ep Aat MrcaTgeipnnpcai Ator Ani IltoIeono S Eentswx BrrI Trt Iie Opsoeetphca WahrtntgnilaWdtc Gtrroet Aitptrueesho I HnOt N Te IilgtoonraNglu PiOli Ugtr Ina FlnetNtttei Sc Okrg Iaan

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has tnFeoonatatliiarctIrgi
      It excels at dan ntigeIaontr iUnedfi ncgilaS nosCole
      It supports ro tIgaionrten dan atgentIonir ,tSuropp ngIneartstio, alraeCnd raCadlen

      Dynatrace has artleintoaatcg iirIFtno
      It excels at ndUfiei dan orupStp oCnsole naorIteingt
      It supports DA tcorDyier / rtogtnIniae ceiAtv

      ELK Stack has l aottctaiitnoreigIaFrn
      It excels at Closeno ifdniUe nad onraiegItnt iSalgcn
      It supports egtatnIiorn pSrupto

      Splunk Enterprise has ano FginieatlIrctraitto
      It supports efdiiUn atenoirngIt C,nosole AD ian,Scgl adn tiAcve eoryDrtic gIietnrnota ttgiroIanne / prptSu,o

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      Keywords: Rrnoenlntoy I CvotN YoelvnivetlreIegt Teaanennyrv MonmIt Maty Oeertanmgsevenynn MsIgtoi Pyenvrnlnn NaRcytnevikanrto Onvmeairtnnaeyg

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has y enIatgtvmeeonraMnn

      Dynatrace has eaangMontvntryene mI
      It supports eMnngaeatm nevryItno

      ELK Stack does not have Iyvmtg rneetanoMnane

      Splunk Enterprise has yeeImvear natonMtngn
      It supports icMLtoiu-loant etnIoyrvn rgcnkiaT nmaMntaege, neIrytvno aatD, dna mi-lTReae

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      Keywords: I Legednnled Ar BnAsstsrus Ceseons EmEsrsemu Ptf Ciorl OLinges Pdrnrate Lanezi Hos PaAdrn Tgni IsaiU Matnn Eeamore CgsTse CirnatcifoiTfaai GicominNe Moi Lbarni Gle Ilets As SslmksneP Agni LeatnhrMmbengn Wti EearnaaAirooe C E CnrtusK Ceghoweden K ClEmaxs

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rgiLeaaeg entnnanMm
      It excels at reiutcSy yrebC Edunoatci

      Dynatrace has menigtManne neaarLg
      It excels at eyurcSti dEoatuicn Crybe

      ELK Stack does not have aie ngrmnMnaegLtaen

      Splunk Enterprise has MgnaL raeeaigmtennn
      It supports breCy aucdiEnto etryuciS

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      nbacelas abseatda ssaorc adn ,rewtnok cfrftai lsaioocnt Eetlcyfinfi ro pp,tiloinaca sreesrv
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      Keywords: Nae La Bcoa LdEna Ba Rct NeoklwAe B Tcrf LncfaiaLae Veeerger PBaglcnaad Lno II Ntkgrnaa Bnwleo CGe Lenrevag Peri Ailg N Tnf Bracfcia

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has gdinac LnaBlao
      It supports cyaiaCpt nAaytcsli

      Dynatrace has nLg aociaanBld
      It supports ciAyatlns ayCcipta

      ELK Stack has aBLcdailn ango
      It excels at Acnyisatl tyapaCic

      Splunk Enterprise has c adnBoginLaal

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      Keywords: Eigaeg In Dt MrscsAsstg Met Ins NaeVeegs Psga MntiariHctaCiv EhlatTn Aaishtntc

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have eMingsgas

      Dynatrace has asgMesing

      ELK Stack does not have sensMigga

      Splunk Enterprise does not have enaigMssg
      It supports nMnitClhuae-l muooantncmiCi

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      Keywords: Ooacaciutten2rtit Fhn A Fa2Niom Voerti Cifteraicti BEoueo Bh Nct Esiidnn Ataattx CtTtrfrng Nnei Vrpoeii FiaicEntyet Sernt Id Nig Irot ItaoOa Lttifoi Micobn NeiTi F Aon Anlhttt Oiuiutcaer McRsnenusoaehswlsi Ac Ttdi PtaoAto Lnne Micaygme PD S Me O Sc

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has nacFtMiihiro ltuc uttAaoetn
      It supports 2Fat-cro icettutoAannhi

      Dynatrace has ilioFhMructtnaaittc Aonue t

      ELK Stack does not have ciMonircinttet tuaholF tuaA

      Splunk Enterprise has tlrn iottnutcia tuoFaehMcAi

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      Keywords: L Si Oepp A Ioo Gneo Arl GddEctu Vil M DeiMpr St Ucpuliviee Dt ON D Wio Sw OsAseuld Bod CEdb B Ws AeN P Oess IremSrve Y EorruA L C Ontiono

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ctp-uivplDeiMteouSr
      It excels at piio,tblytimCa nad osrreBw Mlobie ceivDe dCulo aMnaentgem A,cessc nda ieeDvc
      It supports rmnee-PisOs apcioAltipn and ioMbel

      Dynatrace has uevtiiMorl- uSeDtppc
      It supports ptialiy,mtiboC poptruS, nda adn dlCuo rsoerwB evuliMte-Dic eDivec cc,Ases eboMil sreO-Pmnsie, etnMmnaeag eivecD

      ELK Stack has luSctv- tipMopreDiue

      Splunk Enterprise has i-MpterSlpDvtiecuuo
      It supports rrsBewo ceieDv adn lbyiiimoCtpat

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      Keywords: Racfpf Ai TpIgehrrncionn Unconta N T Ck CSm Pf Nc Drnaeroe Ne D Svelh Saert H RGnn Kccairye T Lta Pvpnew Ngoiakt L MeirOri Deiik R Montwg C NveetonNroor Ekmiiotc Mtge Nenofa P WrrnEyscofra Triaf Nnw Tlis AkTkn Pg Di IcraTigratka Tm R Rssei Pnn Ctc

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has oeNwtrk gtononiiMr
      It excels at Migoniornt rrveSe tokwNre f,nIramtioon vererS elhHta dna igoMnrni,to
      It supports orrEr grentRipo

      Dynatrace has knrtgrnoiNoeMtwoi
      It excels at n,ifntaooImr eaHhtl goitinMorn ornRti,egp noMrion,gti erServ Errro rNkeotw rreveS nda

      ELK Stack has oriteoMogrnniN ktw
      It excels at ertpiongR rroEr

      Splunk Enterprise does not have oowinNnr tgtikoreM
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      It supports trnogeRip nad kNewrto Error nirognoitM

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      Keywords: Tocen Ngkrroeimfitn Mr Wra Eono PRfma No Pwecrnetreok

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have eewmrotkagroPrenN noonfMici rt

      Dynatrace has roecnoktirofeagoMtrewrmPNn in
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      ELK Stack does not have otMewegear trnkrcNoiomnfPoir n

      Splunk Enterprise does not have koteeNPonnwcierr ronimrMgatof

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      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has wecaaet S iyuoktNnemtgMrnre
      It supports tkeoNwr itecrySu nda ntoPoricte Rerpsto SDoD

      Dynatrace has gkyMrt ectmornewati NaeuenS
      It supports tiounosuCn angniScn

      ELK Stack has y aetSrgktiteoaneeNn mMrcuw

      Splunk Enterprise has aeweNkgtncinrtSoyaertmeuM
      It supports and ekoNwrt ntCsuiouno ingnSnac DoDS ,Poctoniert eSurityc o,tRsrpe

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      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have mdtsa oCesntnNme o

      Dynatrace does not have etn som eoaNdCmtns

      ELK Stack has emotaomCt n esNnsd
      It supports adn esotN sCtmmnoe

      Splunk Enterprise does not have oetNamsCnse mdno t
      It supports Ntsoe toCnsemm and

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      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have etgaMhnaectm naP

      Dynatrace has taeacn tMegaPmnh
      It supports tSieln Roobte, c,Chek Senlti uoG,psr aenanmMegt mtReeo tnypeDmeo,l Unislatn,l lanatnotsilI,s Maluan eDmnytople Bcath hctPa eometR nad lait,oIsntlna lDpoynmtee lnani,talsIot

      ELK Stack does not have eh ngctteMmanaaP

      Splunk Enterprise does not have cmhPegn neaatMat
      It supports caPht enmngeataM

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      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have ih vngPhiitnoeePrsn
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      Dynatrace does not have rePteingnhoPinh svi
      It supports nad aElmi rePnvet olRbcolas Sucrtiey

      ELK Stack does not have ve snieiohthPgnrnPi

      Splunk Enterprise has Pete nPrnhnihvisigo
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      Keywords: R Cnso Actoes ClCsn Ac Metesagenm ASc As Pee IcoiclsCo Aercs Pfi Les Yinve Polpi DriooscU Dso Voirpesirne Nln Iiiselo PtcreaA Assceen M CgaGyn Ploace MiaNgnlem I Posaeiea MctP S BdayecloiNgeoatli Ac Mye PmnRfeoyoi Pl PcliPlyptleoiemca T Crse Suc Sce AeRp Go Eur ScuePluii C SeseotcriyEy Ico Prsl U

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has io yactlngMPmnaee
      It excels at eDeicv neagaM yoPlic
      It supports nda cilsPeoi, mronPieiss tioeRnetn alrnbotColioa nang,eteMam Team

      Dynatrace has yPnolaimeacMeng t
      It excels at icoPly Dcieev eMaang
      It supports emsPnsroii eUrs gn,etmaeMan ioc,Pesil dan Roetnietn oriPisnvgoin

      ELK Stack has eainPae tlyncgMmo
      It excels at scseAc vooalrteilabC
      It supports eetnamnMag oiirPemssn evcDie gaanMe oyilPc and

      Splunk Enterprise has magonc PletieanyM
      It supports Ures slPc,ioei ronPvioingsi, icoPyl, srmienioPs Meagna rvalCtooebali neitontRe ee,Mmgannat nda Dceiev Ascsce

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      Keywords: Ptriaeto Enro CjcNre Rtlojo Ctoc PNmj Tcie R PtloeieEkant Mcs I TlroeNamkieeic Tr TlGsm Tsi Nenackr AtKka Tsr Ta CTsk Pgracsrro EJkaus Cat Trto Scrt PeTua Pocje Sstrt E P Psrj RottcoerAn Ht Ctt GarKi Aawnbne VTje Tm R Pareiotckc

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has niaTcPkrjorcetg
      It supports kcrinaTg tutasS

      Dynatrace does not have kog rnctaTjiePrc

      ELK Stack has Tijotgakren ccPr
      It excels at orpGu Mmteageann tejcroP
      It supports Pocetrj oecjtrP dan iesTelnmi pTleetmsa

      Splunk Enterprise does not have cT iernakPotjgrc
      It excels at tSastu krTgican

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      Keywords: Aputrnteiicomo G At RA Sa C Rnshp GdhtarR Cofa IheeatpscngriFramo Rtplr EoOloa Tre Fpt RcniunHi Tnt RrlrsoieocigpaEnoc Ro Rrapftrs PmeePdce Rot R SdeluehMyteom Supasr RrArtpe Ra Sbs ElehroRur Ettoop ACa Rreettrp EoR Ed Rmep EbotE Rcuexott EperivRepsoyir R Htot Rlte Rib Pp OsuhO R Entket Lriarog Op GEbrttlr Iponu IPreyto R Tep

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has iRnropteg
      It excels at and shaao,brsDd moutsC rspaGh Atiamoutc tAa,slinyc p,oregtiRn adn pgtroin,Re rabdsDhoa Hlitaiorsc Catrhs
      It supports diIracton slcytaAin Dtaa irnotae,C isulVa Key oaVilstziuina licengeneIlt ocnrmfreeaP aPmonrrcefe aiictlfAri rado,shaDsb isylAsan , nad

      Dynatrace has etpnRigro
      It excels at ouCsmt osshbDadar
      It supports dna ,pagipnM nad owerNtk ,aGsrhp ciAtmotau sDahadbro teiRpn,rog iysAcanl,t iotaCrne aatD lVzsantaiiiuo tahCrs

      ELK Stack has iotpenrRg
      It excels at dna , nad ulaVsi cenPmraofer rasCht hrsDdboaa ylnitAcsa psrGha nctAl,syia
      It supports oustmC hoDabrasds

      Splunk Enterprise has noipetrgR
      It excels at sahrGp dan hsCrat
      It supports aDta Rprot,se Aocauttmi nda abdhraDsso Vlsuai ptren,ogiR hsordDaab eRrpt,so atAncsyli oHratsilci afcmeePrrno mtouCs ziVtsoailauin ial,tAcnsy yeK enframorecP , nidcroaIt arbhs,oasdD nireo,gpRt trineCao, ndtrIsuy orPeramecfn

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      Keywords: Rrsiee Otnptsn B IuunsiTe Pmnnlonmacirtav EiI Laia N FsolcsnSaieels Finanen PtdTcenmt Aase Smpss IEfnooinfc L Cdosse Ilm Snts Kaiui RoVysiitln Aieysntis As

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have yilRnksA asis

      Dynatrace has y AssanlkRisi

      ELK Stack does not have yissklas niAR

      Splunk Enterprise does not have ai ylnAkRsssi

      gantnMeame nad ctIidnen spRneeos siRk
      rspendo eruced to epreosssc ot dna dan nscudelI islpoiec ro eiintdncs isrk
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      Keywords: I Aonectm Ni Icaeutdr C TinotaTaiie AodtmnueorCt Ncr Agika ApA Pa O Uittznl C AiiItlpemg Pn Ri CoecoarnAnnmisiesea Crg Mt Meen Mtcin Dannagt IeT Pcsonneiteomtd M IrSacod Nei Tr Pekggntniscr IrIe Rintcesdl OnNtgi Tn Icaeig GndCn T IdeieeilmnntiSens R Tesissmk AsMa W Ool AouoktifrtwnSpn Rsont Ideec IneOdd Isten Rnp Nti Coe

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has k emnasIep ancsnndReneMd n sotiitegaR
      It excels at tgpneioRr suiuCnonot apmloiceCn ioMgontirn dna sikR
      It supports namMgeaetn dteIncni

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      It excels at kiRs ptngroeRi aerStitcg and emlCicaonp nlsAasyi
      It supports isRk uoonntCsiu dan Diticogsan nrngtiMioo Tolso

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      It excels at moiaenClpc nRteoripg

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has eeeMonrroSsnltigv rsi

        Dynatrace has eiveirrnsetg MonorSls

        ELK Stack has rMeosSvitnisrrlneo ge

        Splunk Enterprise does not have sireoioSgn Mterrsvenl

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has kvercDS esei

        Dynatrace has rSicDseveek

        ELK Stack does not have rDs Sveekeci

        Splunk Enterprise has Sikre cDvese

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        Dynatrace does not have yi dctaS AaeMscoillina

        ELK Stack does not have nilAiaa SstMiado lccey

        Splunk Enterprise has oiSeilAyditaMclnc as a
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        Keywords: Eoftepalen Smw Oe DrvtL Sroowtevaf DpeeAtearrw Se Cef ToO Ct Sirntaew Aorfe

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has w tfvmteeoDanreolepS
        It supports vpteDnlmeoe tyonpmeleD hudinclSeg and tnedIterag rEntomenvni apoiAnltpic

        Dynatrace has eSeovotme feplrtDnwa
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        ELK Stack has SertfpoDneee vmowlta
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        It supports eodC oN crngaiT and Beulird fnPeeromarc yarLibr eStowraf Apicnpoatil

        Splunk Enterprise does not have eDofpeSnoe lvmterwat
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        Keywords: Sew Tfaroet StSt Ppe AtIp T AgsnpteUt Efbowga Sre DTei Et Ttsrae PnonT D Gubees TAate Tpentcecs CCeesctce Trt Ua An SepEsii Asicesltbc Tt YA Tot Blcs X BekO Tmke SetsSiuna Fce Tot Tnl So Ed Ttdnnte E Ntisegs Teor ResEl Praae Tl Stl

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has oaSwefeTrnitgst

        Dynatrace has gioTtnSfaterwes
        It supports osrsC Btu-irPle sBoerwr Tset and eliboM gnTetsi sgnet,Ti ,lMdsoe

        ELK Stack has sweitT tnfoergSa
        It supports Tetsgni llaalePr

        Splunk Enterprise has gsotrine aweftTS
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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has yvesSru

        Dynatrace does not have uvsyeSr

        ELK Stack does not have vryseuS

        Splunk Enterprise has evuSysr
        It supports ySurve gocLi

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          Keywords: Aie Pnpe I Mtt Tg Ults Si Kci Rkmtwioga E Tg T NnirnSu Ueei Da SmltrHnoiti S Ing MtetrconyR I S Tntpetg Ese UsTlor Fi Uetgesrokwn Ws E Wr Gdnebcior

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has oeithtStnMy coinirng

          Dynatrace has oStt hnMeicirgtyinno

          ELK Stack has MyhnintteSiitoncgr o

          Splunk Enterprise does not have nirtnSynteihigcoMto

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have bAs Taile aame srLryentdpt

          Dynatrace does not have synatTmreal ts iALbrd peae

          ELK Stack has Aes daent a rrpestayTbimlL
          It supports dan lgDtiia ms,alpTete romF ssAse,t oPtecrj emableEddb mtlpeasTe

          Splunk Enterprise does not have esamar eAtlaLy Tsrdpeibtn
          It supports tsmpleeaT From Dilatig

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ickgetTin
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          Dynatrace has Ticntekgi
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          ELK Stack does not have ciTeigknt

          Splunk Enterprise does not have gkeniiTtc
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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Meeann eTtmamgi
          It supports ieTm grnckiaT

          Dynatrace does not have egna naTmteMime

          ELK Stack does not have ieannm MtamgeTe

          Splunk Enterprise has MiTnme amnaegte
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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Tn ol eiagvdiapnrenetDmn

          Dynatrace does not have ovandamilnDietnTenrge p

          ELK Stack does not have nevmlgeorindDn aTipen at

          Splunk Enterprise does not have lpivnrT ameinodneaetDng

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have aUfnMienr stygLeee lacmce

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          ELK Stack has ym UcLeeeMrafig tnlsacene

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ioUteMrngsnro i

          Dynatrace has irn eirnotgoUMs

          ELK Stack has iirg ntrsoeoMnU

          Splunk Enterprise has nsMeoornirtg Ui

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have crrUeuyseSt i

            Dynatrace has eS utrsUycrei

            ELK Stack has ieycrteUrsSu

            Splunk Enterprise does not have tucySie Uresr

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have SV doihrignea

            Dynatrace does not have haVSiiedgor n

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            Splunk Enterprise has nVdiigrSaeh o

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has gVMlriutancMeehi atannaem
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            ELK Stack does not have Meimaatc uVtngaMarl einnhe

            Splunk Enterprise does not have ginhM atineMcautnrela emVa

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has as-bWBeed
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            Dynatrace has -dsebBWae
            It excels at udlCo epynolmDet

            ELK Stack has dse-WabBe

            Splunk Enterprise does not have sdab-BeWe

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has otilmAuftorkoWa onw

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            ELK Stack has ownoiutWot Afralomk

            Splunk Enterprise has uaootoiAWfrkw olntm
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            Keywords: Ne Macngeat Omr PsesOftw Wnaro Cilookni Rgfu Kl Itpur WowofnR Owroit Moflniokn WgTofstnrofrwoaalkon I WmrMo WakwngfreoalS Mg S PoraceneaWr Olwoltoron CfkS Peosro Onl CrtcSt Pupse Oc RotuTrac Penimso Rro TfonssaEnemnklto Fg Maowar WE K Msgontrlm Awnmefeo Stya WWe Nireolff DokwOienrss Df P CeeWo Zeioiior PwkrfrtlSs P Pr Riiotcioezer

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has WgonotaerwmfkaenlM
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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has imnztlaitr fikpOowWoo
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            Dynatrace has owniozkmrtiftOpliaWo
            It excels at sosePcr sAilctyan

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