Datadog Cloud Monitoring


ELK Stack

Splunk Enterprise
  • AI Generated Tags
    Creates AI generated tags to ensure people find the information they are searching for
  • AI/Machine Learning
    Implements artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to improve or automate processes
  • Machine Learning
    Provides advanced analysis with machine learning models
  • Metadata Removal
    Automatically remove metadata from PDF documents
  • Entity Analysis
    Identify and label entities (such as person or place) within the text
  • At-Fault Calculation Intelligence
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of fault based on inputted parameters
  • Liability Determination Engine
    Includes means to auto-calculate levels of liability based on inputted parameters
  • Machine Learning
    Analyzes data using computational algorithms to make adjustments and predict further outcomes
  • Image Content Analysis
    Automatically evaluates the possibility an image includes offensive or confidential content and classifies the image accordingly
  • Image Recognition
    Identify and correctly label images

Keywords: Artificial IntelMachine LearnModel TrainPre Trained ModelAi DrivenAi TechSelf Optimiz

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning

Dynatrace has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at AI/Machine Learning

ELK Stack has AI/Machine Learning
It supports AI/Machine Learning

Splunk Enterprise has AI/Machine Learning
It excels at Machine Learning
It supports Entity Analysis and AI/Machine Learning

  • API Security
    Set key or token verification on endpoints
  • API Monetization
    Provides options to monetize external use of an API
  • API Testing
    Tests API endpoints
  • Create Plugins
    Provides ability to create plugins via APIs
  • API Gateway
    Provide a gateway proxy for the API in which it can handle and serve incoming requests
  • API
    Provide API documentation and support

Keywords: ApiApi SecurityApi GatewayApi MonetizationApi TestingCreate PluginCreate ApiPublish Api

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has API Management
It supports API and API Testing

Dynatrace has API Management
It excels at API Testing

ELK Stack has API Management
It excels at API and API Testing

Splunk Enterprise does not have API Management
It supports API Testing

  • Trigger Notifications
    Prompts alerts and notifications when certain conditions are met or in response to pre-defined actions
  • Push Notifications
    Sends notifications to users when a certain condition is, or set of conditions are, met
  • Reminders and Notifications
    Set, send, and receive reminders and notifications regarding upcoming events or deadlines
  • Automatic Reminders
    Create reminders to alert yourself or others of due dates, appointments, or events
  • Email Alerts
    Send and receive alerts or notifications over email when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Account Alerts
    Sends alerts by email, text message and push notification when there's an activity by a customer
  • Text Alerts
    Send and receive alerts via text message when a specified action or incident occurs
  • Warning Messages
    Automatically, or manually, send alerts and warnings to employees when they are unproductive or meet certain conditions
  • Real-Time Security Updates
    Updates user immediately when there is an issue or breach
  • Alert Signaling
    Gathers alerts and notifications into a single signal to reduce alert fatigue and pinpoint a root cause

Keywords: Account AlertAccount NotificationAlert SettingEmail AlertEmail NotificationGet AlertGet NotifiedNotification SettingPush NotificationReminder And NotificationSet ReminderWarning AlertWarning MessageWarning Notification

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications, Push Notifications, Reminders and Notifications, and Text Alerts
It supports Email Alerts

Dynatrace has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications and Push Notifications
It supports Email Alerts, Reminders and Notifications, Alert Signaling, and Text Alerts

ELK Stack has Alerts and Notifications
It excels at Trigger Notifications
It supports Alert Signaling

Splunk Enterprise has Alerts and Notifications
It supports Trigger Notifications, Email Alerts, and Text Alerts

  • Site Reliability Engineering
    Maintains integrity of application structure
  • Container Management
    Modify containers and cells by adjusting type and size
  • Mobile Platform Monitoring
    Monitors and tracks mobile application performance
  • Application Configuration Saving
    Save and reload application configurations.
  • Service Mapping
    Provides a visual chart of associated services and applications on a network or IT infrastructure
  • Uptime Reporting
    Monitors, measures, and reports on website, network, and application availability (up- and downtime)
  • Application Load Testing
    Analyze how the application performs under varying levels of stress
  • Website Availability Testing
    Runs a test on a website to check uptime and availability
  • Latency Monitoring
    Monitors and reports on application and server response times
  • Website Crawl
    Crawls pages on users' website as a part of site audit to determine site performance and health

Keywords: Application TracingCode Level Root Cause AnalysisCode TracingDashboard AnalyticsDeployment Impact MonitorDistributed TracingError RetentionRegression DetectionRegression TestingRum Session TracingSynthetic MonitoringTracing RetentionApplication PerformanceApp PerformancePerformance MonitoringPerformance Analysis

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring and Application Configuration Saving
It supports Site Reliability Engineering, Website Availability Testing, and Latency Monitoring

Dynatrace has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring and Latency Monitoring
It supports Uptime Reporting, Service Mapping, Application Load Testing, Container Management, and Application Configuration Saving

ELK Stack has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Service Mapping and Application Load Testing
It supports Uptime Reporting, Container Management, and Latency Monitoring

Splunk Enterprise has Application Performance Monitoring
It excels at Mobile Platform Monitoring
It supports Uptime Reporting, Service Mapping, Application Load Testing, Container Management, Latency Monitoring, and Application Configuration Saving

  • Vulnerability Data Mapping
    Allows for ad hoc mapping of data as it flows through the pipeline in order to check for potential vulnerabilities
  • Incremental Scanning
    Continuously scan portions of applications or web-apps for vulnerabilities

Keywords: Application ExposureApplication VulnerabilityRasp SecurityRuntime Application Self ProtectionVulnerability ScanningApplication SecurityApplication ThreatApplication Protection

Datadog Cloud Monitoring has Application Security

Dynatrace has Application Security

ELK Stack has Application Security

Splunk Enterprise has Application Security

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have spAptinetmno

Dynatrace does not have tsAotipmpenn

ELK Stack does not have psnenmtitAop

Splunk Enterprise has innseptAmtop
It supports dnleaaCr nncrinzatoiShyo

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ileetn scyseLactneMef gAma

Dynatrace has ae tsefaeMnscy tgLeAilmecn

ELK Stack does not have net e ficcLgmeyslsneaAMeta

Splunk Enterprise has aemy sfAeice elagnMtsnceLt
It supports Motginiron ilycecfLe sAest and neeaMtagnm dinnCooit

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have ntniMoeAmadaegu

Dynatrace does not have mMtnuAi ogaedean

ELK Stack does not have naonA Mieemudtag

Splunk Enterprise has ungtd oMmenAaeai

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has DuA orgttidoaeg anatgAmeta
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It supports ceiaonRtoinlci Daat

Dynatrace has AountaAtmgegdrt ei Daagtoa
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It supports tDaa ccniinltaoiRoe

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Splunk Enterprise has iaeadnmrD ttaeoguAgotAagt
It supports ataD Atcutioam nuFlnegin

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ouerlS tCoadg
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Dynatrace has SaedCoglo urt
It supports udloC vrSere aDeidetcd

ELK Stack has oulS rtedagCo
It supports rvereS udlCo Dadcteied

Splunk Enterprise does not have ltdSCgoeuora

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have npmarDceomuo Cste

Dynatrace does not have n eersDmcpaoomCut

ELK Stack has aesntrD mecupoomC

Splunk Enterprise has mapueDtcseCor nmo

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Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ata CntMenmeaontcg
It excels at tDbeasaa totCnca
It supports otCacnt tanneegMma

Dynatrace has Maamnctnt nCgaotee
It excels at otatncC bsaaDeta

ELK Stack has catetmtogana MnneC
It excels at cCtotna saaaebDt

Splunk Enterprise has enoa agtnCmattcneM
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Keywords: Ameg Lrtnsne C MetauTiaefungg Ro C SeorN In Co I Pe Aatr Rarnenitt Cule CsoNatarntgeoentor In Ii CNta Cnniaeregeomnta MRnnotr Cinog M AtneiioEitnrtoig C Rnsyr EaRoienao Sa Ntgr CetSpto Ua CirotrpnenO Cnndkartoail We OrGa Ci Cet O IaeermCr Iyoalotepnne DNetrognaaai C MneOi Cti MrltaeunnTeo Np Oearni Cn

Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have noamenCatngMn eterai

Dynatrace has angeairmoenMaCentnt

ELK Stack has mnaet etrainoegannCM

Splunk Enterprise does not have eirnnanaMonaetteC gm

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    Dynatrace has ieerrrisciveno MacintiraMCngoondno t

    ELK Stack has encinvicgi oMnCtn Mr rnrooitdeeoisara

    Splunk Enterprise has nigrno ncvM rtisooaidoMernC ineearcti

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has glisunnofiroCP nuoti
    It supports Trace Aysnisal deCo

    Dynatrace has CoouisitoP nnnilrfug
    It supports ylisnAsa Trace oedC

    ELK Stack has ntPiloungfiCoonus ir
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    Splunk Enterprise does not have usCiuog Pnitorlnionf

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has gn MtoCentaneaamctr

    Dynatrace does not have cCMttannogmaetn aer

    ELK Stack does not have gotnerttm anaacnCeM

    Splunk Enterprise does not have tnmgtcCtenaeMonaa r

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has g MetestaumemoCrann
    It excels at eirrtocyD and uostmerC rfioslPe tiCnel

    Dynatrace has nr eeamuCMeatnotmgs
    It excels at srmtuCeo lPorfise
    It supports nelCti eDiytorcr

    ELK Stack does not have tumr nneaegsmoeatCM

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    Keywords: Se Ceetrromcu IvsLaotng M Wnedneega KmeRn Pne Ul C Oa StnimphoIa A Lg K Tnrc SCevirc See Tkt IWn Argtae Mtayamenrn

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has orsCureie tvSecm
    It excels at adn eec:iSrv Cmseuotr sCeutorm hCta ohtCbta

    Dynatrace has cseveutrriCe moS
    It supports uemtroCs thCa :riSeecv adn sCreumto abttoCh

    ELK Stack does not have SvCurcesireetom

    Splunk Enterprise has orsCeuierSe mctv

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    Keywords: A D Ariacv EhtNryoncuipisa Esloothcn RaReaotevye Atmdc OurOuamkt Atu BcpaciA Cc Ielkc M Dnahpou BuCa Au N Skp B Ncyhhaik Uliep Sac P Bac MKi Mleranpu Vh Bcit Aacu Bdl Uao CkucpNiuiuiallobsotv Cai AtynIpcuak B CutsonounDtakupa BcaYcavo D Rr EaetT Ealai Dipto RancAt Esier Rc DsovreyWraed Nsdnueoci Ret KnC A Ii Rt R Deelt TelampanioaVoca Etea Dr RRnnrnuean Mdtt EionvedHecaii R Tca Ynnoso Dontp Salur

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have rovBy cnak auceaDaRdpet
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    It supports Dtaa dna Llcao olonictelC & oteagrS anemtgeanM

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has u nlDonaiiaMtaapt
    It excels at uyQre oiggLng
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    Splunk Enterprise has aptlnnita oMuiaDa
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has aagDOraziatonin t
    It excels at sgaT ndxeI aatD atDa dna oerageCtis dna
    It supports dgennixI dna Srtguiruntc Duneomct tDaa nda lieF

    Dynatrace has iainrDaazonat gOt
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    ELK Stack has a aaDiangttrnizoO
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    Splunk Enterprise has not anODiagatairz
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have yrtcieuaDSat
    It excels at truciSye aatD
    It supports dEtonpin nmnaMagtee

    Dynatrace has ceatyiSt urDa
    It excels at yturcieS Daat

    ELK Stack has e tairayctSuD
    It excels at euirtScy taDa

    Splunk Enterprise does not have ec yarDiuStat
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has znut sVtaalaDaiioi
    It excels at Map oiazitluasinVs and Data ylsaAnis
    It supports syiaAl,ns nda , nAyslais eerCat Dpor Dgra irncasfghopI and bdmedEde

    Dynatrace has Daliaz sontiauVati
    It excels at saslinAy Dtaa

    ELK Stack has asaVizutn taoilDia
    It excels at aaDt snyilasA

    Splunk Enterprise has sio VtaDuiatiznlaa
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    Keywords: Dt C Attaeannt MeoO Ctinoaa DtsolindaMnaaito Grtia DIn Orna Tziaa DotagSnoar C Dveseo NibaatRaa Lr Of Ed Tm Cs Xtoanr E()Lt TEe R Foivylc Re Aagrgnnaotm Mee Ste Eait S Ornopogitaizmt

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have Dhns aguatiWaoer
    It excels at Dtaa tninznyoriaoSh,c taDa toecanliipR Feil ,Asccse Mrgnioonti wRa Cs,aiinlodntoo and
    It supports tor,gSae notCtne and taaD eddunRant clLao tag,niMroi ne,gmetnMaa ,Maeattda eaoStgr retoSga

    Dynatrace does not have ehouanWsDag rita
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    ELK Stack has stoaaWeiDn ugrha
    It excels at gniioontMr tduennadR tSagroe npectaiiRol dna
    It supports ontzi,Soynarichn Stregoa Lcola dan Flie gm,antMneae eSrgoat

    Splunk Enterprise has iga htsraeoanDuW
    It excels at ilFe nrtoayncznhSioi
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ieuDgbggn

    Dynatrace has ueDnibggg

    ELK Stack has gggnDuebi

    Splunk Enterprise has biugDngeg

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    Keywords: M Mgl Iieersoe SbvnacraeCmntretooelo R Lie Iteaolostmt Rna NMktoeoe R LcO Rbeeeot Rt OmR P Rcmeiot SetSentnlilt Sa I LMeea Dncv ArgieMmdEloecaent Mbgai Memnv I E DTir Cc Devol Noe

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has t aMceinaegenemDv
    It excels at dCnconeet s,ecoRrd ePinisormss dan twrNoke ,ivDscee oClnrto iDveec and
    It supports UBS eivDec Mgnmeentaa

    Dynatrace has teceeiegnmnv aaMD
    It supports adn etCnnoedc snitmtaiveAird isStrcp vceeiD Pisosmisrne nad nCoorlt, eoRemt eemtoR sD,cevei iaipC,letsiab

    ELK Stack does not have aMvgnence itemeDa

    Splunk Enterprise has nMeaamei tgvDncee
    It supports dna tNoekwr onrCtol, I)(oT SBU eeDciv Rer,csod nad nriosmisePs niIthnTefe-sotrg-n nMtagemnae ivsceD,e tne,Mgaeanm oCctennde veieDc

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have mDtisleeniiAtr tgdeav

    Dynatrace does not have Dnrtts Aigdeietameliv

    ELK Stack does not have eitesltimeA dvDringat

    Splunk Enterprise has tgrnaitl dmitiDeseevA
    It supports eaiMd oSacil afcTifr Asilayns

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has okuem DnpauMrtc
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    ELK Stack does not have tcpkDunour ameM

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ialmE
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    Dynatrace has iEalm
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have im noimtEluAatoa

    Dynatrace does not have anmEtAlamuiioot

    ELK Stack does not have uioAm ilontmaEat

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    Splunk Enterprise has aIoy oip lrpttimeFilitbmC

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ietnenFgl Meaam
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has h ngieirlSaF
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    Dynatrace has rillaeFw

    ELK Stack does not have ewlilFra

    Splunk Enterprise has Frwalile

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has nniexcedn sei tsAtaFMea
    It supports Mangmteaen tannMcaenei

    Dynatrace does not have ee xdaAn MstieFsenncati

    ELK Stack does not have itAdexcea snseiFa tnnMe

    Splunk Enterprise does not have cnntAnds tseiiaeax MeeF

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have nFesoaigcrt
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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has giuoonnatrFAoatt mimt
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    Dynatrace does not have aAiFngtroatmtnouito m

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have rFmos

    Dynatrace does not have osFrm

    ELK Stack does not have mFsor

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    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has lhla rGctenenIcgepgioie
    It excels at cLoitoan lntAycias saeBd

    Dynatrace does not have gnGeeecogcalpnehitrl iI

    ELK Stack does not have npehn igceleogGlcteiIra

    Splunk Enterprise has npltcaG rnecileeIigegoh
    It supports ioLtncao Aytaslcin esadB

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    Keywords: Gonto Li Ac Icci Rtteovry A DS Hhogey Citra NOgegan Ch LD Iittud EaTi L Edog Irdotdc R Ee Y He EsointvrtOnl Riiseev Fi Ol Lac HirigotsEas Canh P GtTsarvi Peons Nesv Ir Pioerus VoIeroeetnvrsr OsTr Siesrno Vyi HoRordenos Cre ViTe E Trnavck Mti Cnevret ETikccare Rt MRctcreiae M T

    Datadog Cloud Monitoring has sggia ngrotLiilHco
    It excels at igggLon ogL Prnaigs nad fenidiU
    It supports goL and os,gL ytitcAvi vnEte xusociEln nio,Lggg

    Dynatrace has acoiHgrn Loilgstig
    It excels at nEvte ngiogLg iyittAvc nda goLs

    ELK Stack has ogcoiltLia nirgHsg
    It excels at nad gLo L,iggogn gsPrain Evetn o,gLs fdeiniU
    It supports oLg sxno,Eclui dtEi ,oLgggni tAiyvtci dna nituiAgd

    Splunk Enterprise has itrgLlcagoi oHings
    It supports oLg cvyititA iEtd neiUdif Autngidi tvEen osLg, nL,oiggg adn n,Lgiogg iaPgrs,n

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      Keywords: Mnnna Ectm ItigdaeneI Aocmt Dayo LtenneE Rtnesio D Icnensp

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have teRsnekngiaIImcMda innn e Tdat

      Dynatrace has aI nTdtsi kdenemIRa na gnMcenti

      ELK Stack has etI i neen cnTnas dakanRMdgItmi

      Splunk Enterprise has emnnedkIansegRInatci Ta nit dM

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      Keywords: Oetddnu Aa R Ntp RgiiO Emulolntey Dp CdOinru Ldongti C MoRoto Cenni Mitg Onnair Rmp Htybyee Ddolni Rna Pnaforufsctre IeeurmctrVcgt Lr Pe Miiioeno NossrLton Pa ErstgGogi LgnOeitten Rn McrtieO Dvtkewise Cryro NEitnrgn O Notokr MwiPe Ryl Nmoet Dine OmpesIgirr Mnecsnoots PoTmi Re R Esilc M TaeSn D Amtet Crai E RoeitnoouVnteg S Miornorei R

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has toantitrrMcru uonenIrisgf

      Dynatrace has sterigcfaonriMroutunr nIt

      ELK Stack has rtutrrtIifincga onsrouMne

      Splunk Enterprise has coteotni urgrMsrfiraIntun
      It supports gapinpM sUgae

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      Keywords: Mplaapktecr Ae PAt Iitlpoegt Arpa IoinnncOnnr Oetise Br EsxwElwirponsttae E Ih Hntcaa IirpgottItrd Cigeo Thhurnrpt TseeawotT Atgneroino T IolGnl P U INt Fnoaertgiu I LlSettco Nakgntir Ia

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has FlItngooraitactentair i
      It excels at iefUind and cianlgS Intnegiroat nlosCeo
      It supports enittIgnaro nirgattoIen neItonst,agir anealrCd nda or rnCldeaa p,oruStp

      Dynatrace has ocFaetilttgtIaorraiin n
      It excels at feidinU puproSt nosCleo and Ieitgoanntr
      It supports onnrgaIeitt yetioDrrc / DA tAvice

      ELK Stack has tr gloeFIrtiacotaantiin
      It excels at gliSnca tIeoangnitr nedUiif dna soolenC
      It supports Sotuppr Irgitnaetno

      Splunk Enterprise has InlaFtoiiga nteaotirtcr
      It supports Iroigetantn nteaIognrit feinidU etroicyDr DA o,uptrSp gcilnSa, cteAiv / nda ottIingnare nCeoso,l

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      Keywords: Rnen Crtoovton I YlYonlrtvnlveiee Ngtonaemearvyt In N MeMtnsmveaetr On Syten Yn IemgaVayetrlnnnin G Pon IEi OvkytcrnatrnG Nveenaaoyitnrm

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has entaaeonIrMng mytevn

      Dynatrace has enMenaIagmenvttno ry
      It supports emaMntaegn rvtIynnoe

      ELK Stack does not have vro aettenInMganyenm

      Splunk Enterprise has teeavmgnnta rnonyeMI
      It supports adn rtyennovI aet,Mneamgn rnkTcgia aDt,a elRiT-mea eIrontvny lMcat-iuoniLot

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      Keywords: Eg Lrndi Ldeanen BRsmeou Cst Ane SsessE L Pt CsfeoisourrmPnonesadrziase L Lren PghatiR Iadiis Agn TnUmsg C Ot MaareeennIafnscrieo CittMniiiafaot GcNiogbae Lrlni MeTnei Ss Akem SsllsHaren Pngi LatAtnmebaae Meinr Gn WS Ceaotnu Ceorir Weh Ekc Cng KdloeMxsa E

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has MnnentmigerageLaan
      It excels at cSrueity iocntEuda ryCbe

      Dynatrace has eatneLermaannnM igg
      It excels at uSectiyr Ecuditnao Cbyre

      ELK Stack does not have naMeLeangin gmenart

      Splunk Enterprise has ganrn ameneLMenaitg
      It supports rCeyb ytcrSuie cEuadotin

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      beaaadts celabsna erssrev ffcatir ifitefnyclE pipnaicotal, nolctaois and ro racsos kenrot,w
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      Keywords: Laac Ad Bo Lne Enawkela Bot NcrC T Eiafa BfnclraGever Eae L PreNna Bag A LcdloiTlcw N Beoaknir AgnEn Learveir Pe GgLa Taf Bifinngccar

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has iagnlBo Ldacan
      It supports yiaCtacp aitnysclA

      Dynatrace has aoacdBnL angli
      It supports ntlyciAas tyCaiacp

      ELK Stack has nBalcoadLni ag
      It excels at Caityacp tliscyAna

      Splunk Enterprise has ndoaLgaiBnacl

      or orme suers lnpoitaacpi iugsn a chta twhi cyretild ivnate one iuetmnmCoac
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        egsamses en,tocnC teh ahct dnes adn to nda retaosfw cereive rmof
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      Keywords: Eg Minat DecgsrsiAsnns Me IgattseEir Pigvatn Msaegs CthaVath IelcT Nttcsaniha

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have anegMgsis

      Dynatrace has iggssaMen

      ELK Stack does not have esgignaMs

      Splunk Enterprise does not have ssgaengiM
      It supports niCmoaonuicmt aelu-MCthlinn

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      Keywords: Ch2n Ftntiaiuooca R AtetFa2Otr Ctaiic Venmitrif BoieEs Bt Ecti Ch Anotadnxa EtintouIgr Vintonrci Ftae FeirnipIe Sort Nttgdy Itaet IionrenOi Otanief Noiit MlbcAitanteco Utrotni Fatucilh MNs Pelh Aettwaos TasdcunrosiiLtyoa M Innamegce PO D Se Scm

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has tcoaAh u cattrnlMFniotetiiu
      It supports oaAhnteictiunt roF-a2ct

      Dynatrace has iuuotit ecanrn tMliAhFacott

      ELK Stack does not have ctnMtlto uFoteAitnaa iiruhc

      Splunk Enterprise has tMt iaiotictuehlnaFrut oAnc

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      pmluetil ro asofterw on mstys,es eovr pniargoet nuR fls,raotpm het reintent
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        oalicnpiApt OS baillaeav rof itubl is rhemCo
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        vabliaela is aipncipAolt ilbtu ofr SO Aionddr
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      Keywords: I A Pe Sl OpNr Aloi Dgeod GoLu Mci I DetevTtue Mvu D Spc Eoi IlrpS N Wido OwsAsde Duo Bl CE Ad Bbse WMeierss Pn O E Se Uorv YrrL Oano Tncio

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has itoi-lcpeurDvSue pMt
      It excels at and ,sesAcc nad iMoble dluoC ngaanMmete Cpytomibati,il vieecD cvDiee weorsrB
      It supports adn srnsP-Oieme eboilM coplatipniA

      Dynatrace has uivlrppt-oDtMueiS ec
      It supports iucDel-ivtMe secc,sA oCudl icvDee tgmneaaenM t,Spoupr dna dna sewBrro PeOse,-rsmni Devcie ,ymbtlatpiioiC ioeblM

      ELK Stack has vSippelruMc oueDt-it

      Splunk Enterprise has uiut-ppoteSrlcvD Mei
      It supports tbiptomliCyia wreBros vcDiee dna

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        veserr ieevceR lehath elrats adn tpdusea dreigangr
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        aer tnmoirso hhcwi dnow dna avooeelrdd soernktw arckTs or

      Keywords: Fi Tfrap P AcNnrotrie G Th Cko CuaincnnncE Sor D Pcnref Nma Lv Sa Neetrr Dh He SNar Gtcn Ty LaekicNa Neiergiv Lowptkp MNe Ngtekcr Otenowiri Doi MvAf Metrrwegemtrino P Rinnokco NoNewf Al Toti Nskaairy Cfr STirgak D Pn Ic Mi Pstcs Tn N T Te Carka Rrig

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has noMno igtirkreNwot
      It excels at n,fomatnoiIr ethaHl rveSer ,oringotinM and Nowerkt itgnioMnro veerrS
      It supports Error rpRieognt

      Dynatrace has oriNt trogneoiMwnk
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      ELK Stack has rwinoorMiktNenotg
      It excels at poRtrenig Error

      Splunk Enterprise has intnwe MiotgNrkroo
      It excels at firaInontmo reSver reervS dna ionroMntig Halteh
      It supports adn tNkower rrorE trMogiionn reogtRpni

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      Keywords: Niea Ntmof Nwkce G Pnor MreriorotTmrenk Nor Paefcowre

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have aet MNcnngrwitmeifrooPoo nekrr

      Dynatrace has ronNoePotnrrt ike ainwfcMgmroe
      It supports Rela wNrtkeo Pfnaerrecom oNterkw Lleve ootgMi,nrni dMaattae fo puoStrp peCur,ta iMoingnto,r nda Sevicre riTffca nntoMi,goir cirveeS Tiem oalFiver ourtRe iFWi wktNeor igtnpeRr,o mAegtrene Qutilya

      ELK Stack does not have geroonNtrnkPrcewita frooei nMm

      Splunk Enterprise does not have ocPnmerto enMfNirrenotik wagro

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      Keywords: Omantny Ae DtoliceTt Tc Aaa An Sayklh PsiCnunngooiin A Cntus SYon Mir Gco Ntwtnietrreokiu STtwetakin Hetetr N DcooerAts Riowkeul T Ncr Do Nte Re EethtTti Deeeoltr Uinc OR Mt Tmno Eil Ioaeae R Gi Ttnrh

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has uMmawnkytStrgoaieeeNr ncte
      It supports dan cSiyrute DoDS tkoerwN peoRsrt cieotrPton

      Dynatrace has oanrtmMiyN egat keectnrSuew
      It supports osnCtuiuon ninSagcn

      ELK Stack has cyueMgior SwtktranemNtneea

      Splunk Enterprise has kotmar ceNnir tntyuSeMwegea
      It supports suonontiCu ngaScinn DSDo ecriotnP,to dan Sriucety e,Rsport Nokrtew

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      Keywords: E Aeantoortat Cnni Oeeem Cmn Ct AtrErtao Cete NNe Atdo DAddone C MmtNidotnn Aao AtdEpn Te Peoin MolEin Lppolke Nalnnt Troe IeInek U Lrss I M UstoesnnreOsmme CtnTo Nse

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have mseatnodtoemN Cns

      Dynatrace does not have nde momeNost saCnt

      ELK Stack has omaem Ntet noCdnss
      It supports Cetnomms and eoNst

      Splunk Enterprise does not have nomtnmeNsoa dt eCs
      It supports mCntsoem Nteso nad

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      Keywords: Iamot AountItanotsn Ic Llah BtaEd Piskcaula BgMnyokp Cehlteec D Poyntl Deepu GrmoMyca PeioanglOmll E Dennapyuat MSllao N Ratiomneet ItTe Enmoama Mneget RRteme Roeo OtbPmiotr Ec Ste RBe E Sloudch JTtiao Iueoicrgn Snft NiaIanttll Ln Ise SYnoeleporfemt S Dwat

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have hMenPnt maeagtca

      Dynatrace has nmctaeP hanatMge
      It supports toeeRm Gru,spo tcBah gmneMntaea ,otlemynpeD noDempelty uaanMl toeyDlmnep Pthac atUn,linsl nda lteniS Ilntnat,ilosa nItislsntaaol, oR,bote etiSln Ceck,h ntltaao,Ilnis Rtemeo

      ELK Stack does not have cMaPht negtmeana

      Splunk Enterprise does not have PanangmechMe att
      It supports achtP gatmneenaM

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      Keywords: HhsnpgiiGrhnpeinsp Ehivt

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have r nnPhhieintgsovPie
      It supports tcrueyiS adn mEali neverPt slblcRooa

      Dynatrace does not have Pn evirehiPoshgntin
      It supports lmEai dna ocollsaRb uiyrSetc ePnvtre

      ELK Stack does not have nnsPioterihePvghi n

      Splunk Enterprise has ePgnovesn inPiihthr
      It supports ucriteSy maiEl lsaboRclo Prnveet nad

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      Keywords: Acetnossr L CocNmsgse Macen E AcatEsciolc Aesci PsR Pfseclco AesiO Poci Dnyivoresip LIniso Rp Usee DvroEntcin Ililsroa Pe Cnc A MsaaeesgAcgloyen Ma P IE Piaa Ieg MclotnmsneOsdy Bc Pa LeiPnntl Mmgyaaeoc EiOyleic Pofr Pil Lt M Tl Paoiyceep Erssecc Sceu AEcrru Ge Su PoY Crciiueisl Sto PeO Pisryle U C

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has a gnieymonaPecMlt
      It excels at lyiocP neaaMg eiDcev
      It supports esinPrismo iRetnonte nda ePoislc,i Tema ,temangeanM tCnaobioarlol

      Dynatrace has aoeieMn cntgalymP
      It excels at olyiPc agneaM eiecvD
      It supports lc,osiPei eUsr tengaa,neMm eRonientt noirgnisivPo dna sonsiiPrme

      ELK Stack has meingMenaltaPco y
      It excels at loatCirealbvo csceAs
      It supports vceiDe oPrniissem dna Mnagae gMnmteanea Piolyc

      Splunk Enterprise has ntelgMiyceao Panm
      It supports scceAs gnMn,emaate obalivoaCterl ooriPv,inngsi gMnaea vieDce ietoRnten iPois,lce ocPil,y Pmrseoinis nda reUs

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      Keywords: T Roaierce C PojntJtntloor Ccr PeoE Prcnimjeli Teto Ksle E To MaicnrtTe Tnk RicilemaNaers Agtks TncmiT Taacrksk Era Tkgrrs Pocs T Tra Rj Pcsecuato StkUra P Eottcj StsR Tjorcpe Potsre N Ct GaahtrtEwnb Kv AaniR Ecc P Jmo Trkiat Te

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ragric ejPTcoknt
      It supports Ssatut giarncTk

      Dynatrace does not have jtr cgrakiPoTnce

      ELK Stack has ke PnoTtacrrjigc
      It excels at tecroPj uGopr nMgaameetn
      It supports nimTeseil Ptoerjc ePrtjoc dna pesTlmeta

      Splunk Enterprise does not have akt crPcnTeijrog
      It excels at uStast kaiTngrc

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      Keywords: Gr R Ntcpootaiieu Atm Darprs Gt Chsh NaaTg Cao Ha IeipfrrncsePme Lt Froaro RNc Rntutoi F AelproNo Rotiscetpar Hili RgEc Psfero Rpeanmtro RTu Sed Rhdo ReecplR Ruemra Sym OstpEhsbt Saareoplre REo Ao Ptr RtuPrta Cetreo Re To Bd Epreem RVr Eceupteit E RoxSteyrro R Pt HioB Iepul P Rrhtos Oo Rgarkp Ler Ginetto Ril Urptteiobn Tpproe Rtey

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ngRoretip
      It excels at shrtCa nad gptinoer,R r,toeRingp yic,stAanl saahbDdos,r octasliHir rsaGhp sDradboha Atamcouit umtsoC nad
      It supports tliaiAfcri nda oiVnlsaziatiu yeK racnomrefeP sAslinay cioIdatnr , Dtaa ,rientCoa isAatlncy erarocefnPm ulsiVa legectnilIne dosbDhs,aar

      Dynatrace has rRtgienop
      It excels at aabsodshDr ustoCm
      It supports atCnerio r,ahpGs Viituonlaaizs Rtonir,pge gMnppi,a rasthC and Dtaa adn rboDhsaad umioAtatc keNwrot nyAti,lsac

      ELK Stack has Reinortpg
      It excels at , Grpsah oDdasrabh ntsiacAly adn adn hsartC luaVsi yntli,casA Pocrefraemn
      It supports sbdDasaorh tomusC

      Splunk Enterprise has rpgeRtoin
      It excels at tCshar rsGpha nda
      It supports mtuoCs frnoPmeacer fraocePmenr iaVinoziuslat alsti,ncAy ilsVua otepR,sr , p,Rroets ytiAlacsn hdboaarsD a,bhsDodsra nyrIudts nda uaimctAot oenit,pgrR Daat rCaentio

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      Keywords: Iurda Ini Cn Atciooctete AmntRemiiu AnoatotedK Tc C Gair Pa AnUtn Aii Aiaz P L CtoA Rieoolnmgtnrei Pp CcTiaia Cnsee Nmrgs MEc Naatdnt Ieingm MneTrso Iim Ocnee PtdmtnSe Tar Drcorngck Nngie Psti IIcn Rden Ileso TNtd Aeniin Ig TgcgE D Timenecil IitnnNi Asesmssk Sts ReI At Onf WlouaomwtkorPescoeedtnn I Rsni N Etd Rcdipno Ton Ies

      Datadog Cloud Monitoring has IkeM cRanpgitensnsRnedm satna onedie
      It excels at tCsninouou nda Rkis Mnnigrooti iegrotRnp oClcpaenmi
      It supports anntaMmgee nneIcdit

      Dynatrace has neag enme oeRaten nn dskiasRptIsMdicn
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        Keywords: Ltacrceisui V Vsioiza MoenirEc P Sannimrnreufai Ttk F Oclsrree Ver ScgnoVcr Sestlsiee Rrs MeGri Sitesos Eveorrln MnOrl Tie Aer M Asvecrscic ClS Leenc E Mescreurriovcn Sr Cstyr

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has enltognrSevMr iesosri

        Dynatrace has glooSetnMreneissvrir

        ELK Stack has lrMtsse vorngeeionirS

        Splunk Enterprise does not have nr rioiregveltsSonMes

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rDie veskecS

        Dynatrace has ri ckDveeseS

        ELK Stack does not have keceSDierv s

        Splunk Enterprise has srcekSei evD

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        Dynatrace does not have aisoiedtlaSlcacy AnMi

        ELK Stack does not have tcaleadnyS cialA iMsoi

        Splunk Enterprise has ai ciMySt lAaoesaincld
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        Keywords: Refew Vpeomtoaentl SdDovt Rl SweoepaefRoea Sfta E CrtewTt I Sorrefaow Caen

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has rvetSpemwn tDofaleeo
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        Dynatrace has w emtvtDpSofneloaree
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        It supports oeCd crnTgia No Sfoawret eaPoerfmrnc Lriybar dan dreluBi tpiAnioacpl

        Splunk Enterprise does not have eeDStfervne aompolwt
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        Keywords: Etw Soartse TfPe Ap Ts TT Gn Tesipp AGoueteraw F Db SIes Enno P TttraetEt Ubgs D TeTcceaepsce Ntt ATartecns At Cpeece U SSss T Abiyec TeictilK Bx Toec B Tsla Steks TmoeAcl Tou Esti FntnSd Tn E EtntdoeSstno Tr SreieegL Ate Pell Tras

        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has TnrigSfoewes att

        Dynatrace has wifo eSgrtstTean
        It supports Crsso stTe dan ,elsdMo BulirPe-t egiTstn boMeli eorwrBs tnieTsg,

        ELK Stack has wrTase ingetStfo
        It supports Tegnsti lelPalra

        Splunk Enterprise has Srwg esfTeaiotnt
        It supports Retste enVisalrieiltub

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        Datadog Cloud Monitoring has vuSyesr

        Dynatrace does not have ysveurS

        ELK Stack does not have uSsveyr

        Splunk Enterprise has vyrSues
        It supports gociL Sveruy

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          Keywords: A Mep Ei Sil Tt Tgs T Inu PEwt Gni Nir To Nmk TkagricMr Sdluee Ita UsO Myge Snhiton Trcinit S Snesptre Tigte UO Ul Ewkfsgnt Wreri TsoDogrc Win Ebe R

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has og tSiicnhnryetonMit

          Dynatrace has otiiS itroytgenchMnn

          ELK Stack has itynothrcinMoiSnge t

          Splunk Enterprise does not have htoniregnyMitotS nic

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have a nsiAtrTesayapelerbtm d L

          Dynatrace does not have mnesai stldrap reaAtbTey L

          ELK Stack has traabeLArsmlp ynasTdei et
          It supports omFr ss,Aste delbadbEem and tesaTelm,p Dgtiali sepetlaTm rePtjco

          Splunk Enterprise does not have ama pLsreyesrTaib leAdttn
          It supports stepeamlT Frmo ltgaiDi

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          Keywords: C Dem Atteooln NyaiLoeee Rt Suic DntCa Bc S Ekrhn ImThteni Earn Tt IidicfaoU Streuclies Ry Uecore T Sros PRcei Peotu StyrsuHetaoo Trtin MrAde I Tft RtneyihTt Srnac EhaAtert D Ehoetnc TiAy S N AmanolcLtnomdiyn Y I AefaTt&Ikmcar EtCdpi SsSconpalmi Oe Cc

          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has horndieDoaT iaentMor cgttinten
          It supports Syeirutc enluartybVlii hoareBiv ykRsi iteS lKener spese,Ron c,ttenDioe vLlee irigptncS agn,icSnn rsosC oPti,cnetor adn nllytribaVuie

          Dynatrace has rnendarct antgeTiDihtitnoMe o o
          It supports iStcrigpn yutricSe lipoitpacnA eonctit,eD tneTsig ooiinntMgr etcriyuS ),M(IF ribneiyllautV teiS ittneygIr Snnigc,an sCros bVnaryelituil TS(AD), yDmcian elFi nad

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has ikiencTgt
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          ELK Stack does not have ingceTitk

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring has TmnaneemiaegM t
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          Dynatrace does not have gTmiatnaeem enM

          ELK Stack does not have nie mteTaeganMm

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          ELK Stack does not have elna iiTpvedonanneg Dtmr

          Splunk Enterprise does not have aairnepDg dnemn neioTlvt

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          Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have aAlneits errUivasBohyc
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          Splunk Enterprise has gioMiens nrrotU

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring does not have egoidSih arVn

            Dynatrace does not have hiaVr eoSndig

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has hena aua raticMilngmMneVet
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            ELK Stack does not have ttnM neeg ahcaminaMlaueVri

            Splunk Enterprise does not have Mictan MailgnVmateneruhae

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has sbBe-eaWd
            It supports tyoenmlpeD Cdluo

            Dynatrace has dbaBseeW-
            It excels at loCdu eoetmypnDl

            ELK Stack has deaWBbe-s

            Splunk Enterprise does not have des-BaeWb

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            ELK Stack has uliaAmWnofwok rotto

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            Keywords: E Mrgsneomn Pea AtscA Coorfkgurnifnot Wol WiPwutk W Nfrool IGnroirolt Mnkwof Wio Wfi Orsnltmwaron TorkfaoErla A Mkg WwofnoGa Mse Pansoc ReL C Wfrrotknwo LooCt O Corel PsronsEu Ptcs OsurtopSooi Ttcnamsrrnoef PsarFwagko Mnol Renea WmtTgmnow Mlyeefaeako St Wsmr N N Deko WoiwfflerNofsei Cres De PIforwie Wtroi Rzk PloEeirr Pssi Potoizc R

            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has awonMmefrean Wlogkt
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            It supports uCronitofngia nda oWlkworf nnnPailg tma,egMeann ntforaniguioC il,ughSednc &

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            Datadog Cloud Monitoring has foOazotkiwWnmlportii
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            Dynatrace has WtzotikoailinwOrfomp
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