Your A.I. software consultant
Your A.I.
software consultant

Find software that best matches your business needs in minutes, not months. It's like having an expensive software consultant in your pocket — except it's free, fast, unbiased and insanely accurate.

Breakthrough process that gets you the best software matches in minutes


We've combined the knowledge of our professional software research team and the scale of machine learning to unbiasedly assess and log the features of all top software products globally.


Our algorithm sits on top of millions of proprietary software feature-and-function data. We take in your needs question-by-question, and run a battery of simulations to arrive at the right set of software products for you, buying back months of research time.


We've distilled a complex and time consuming process down to a core product experience that's easy to use, personalized, and emphasizes quality over quantity.

Step 1

Clearfind learns your business needs with Smart Match

Start by using Clearfind's free and easy Smart Match. We'll reference your needs against millions of data-points to find you the best software matches.

Step 2

Generate a custom, comprehensive software report

Impress your team with a management-ready report detailing each software match and why they're right for you. Use the report to showcase your key objectives and feature requirements, compare software matches to each other, and understand broad category trends so you can move forward with confidence.

Step 3

Skip the vendor cold-call and get a warm intro

Once you're ready, meet your matches. We'll connect you to your preferred software providers, making sure they're equipped with everything necessary to make the most of your first meeting. Want a pre-shared presentation? Want a 30 minute meeting with an agenda? We'll get it done.

Also, it's free for you. Here’s how.

Clearfind believes that we should only get paid when we add value to you. We only make money when you find the best software for your needs. When you purchase software from a connection made through your custom smart match, Clearfind gets a nominal and standard percentage of the purchase price at no cost to you, the buyer. Unlike other companies in the industry, vendors aren't allowed to pay-for-placement on our product, so you can be rest assured that we'll give you the right options, every time.

“We’ll save you weeks of work. Let our analysts run a software search for you for free ”

James Layfield — Founder, CEO