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By combining large software feature data-sets and well-designed tools, Clearfind helps customers clarify their software needs, and recommends the right software vendors with ease.

Did you know that over $45 billion is spent just on choosing software every year?

Allow us to blow your mind with some numbers. Companies spend over $500b on business software annually. Now add another $45b on trying to figure out what the best software is to use. $500b + $45b = $545b, with us so far? You'd think that would mean that companies make great software decisions... right? No, they waste $80b per year on failed software projects and employees generally feel unhappy about the software they use every day.

Today's benchmark for software satisfaction is low; people buying software are happy if the product does half of what they thought it would. Half! If you buy a car, are you happy if it goes, but doesn't break? Are you happy if it turns left but not right? There is no other decision as critical or expensive that has this level of compromise. This is unacceptable.

You'd think software vendors were making mountains of cash in these vast planes of wasteful spending but they're struggling too. Vendors spend an enormous amount of time and energy marketing and selling their products; over 50% of their leads are unqualified, vendors turn leads away because the buyer doesn't actually need what the vendor is selling. Only 1% of their spend on marketing results in contracts. Talk about waste.

These inefficiencies are the status quo and accepted as 'understandable' because software is an extremely complex purchase. Software needs are unique to a business, its processes, its stakeholders, and internal software ecosystems. Software products are, likewise, nuanced in functionality, support, pricing, integration offerings, and experience. This is only getting more complicated as businesses become more technologically advanced, and as the market of available software products grows. Today, there are over 50,000 software products available. By 2027, there are projected to be 1 million.

The problem is only getting bigger, not smaller, and software will always be a critical decision for businesses all around the world, whether a startup is looking for a CRM to nurture their first set of leads, or a multi-national company is looking for anti-fraud software that will keep their customer's data safe. We think it can be different. By approaching this with a 21st-century mindset, and AI on our side, we can realize software's potential to enable organizations to thrive. This is why we founded Clearfind.

Rich Data

Here’s what’s different about what we’ve built

The tools we're accustomed to on the market today don't cut it. Here are the options available to you if you're making a software decision today: review sites, research firms, marketing sites, affiliate sites and consultants. These were good options... a decade ago. Tens of thousands of new software choices later, the world has changed, and we all need new and better tools now.

We started looking at analogous industries where results were highly dependent on their customer's specific circumstances and needs, a good example of this is *travel*. Think of how you buy a flight today; you find a website that asks you your date range, destination, first-class or economy, whether you need a rental car, whether you'll be returning the car to the same pick-up point, whether you need a hotel, in different cities? See, the questions are important, there are many, and they are unique to you. Now imagine if you could do that for software...

Clearfind is the new way to find software. We leverage human discernment, field experts, and A.I. to deliver a sophisticated solution. Only a computer can consider the number of data-points needed to make a software match. Our A.I. is able to understand the details of your business needs, match them against millions of data-points that our in-house research team gathers every day, and it asks you sophisticated questions that narrow down to what matters most.

We want the business world to confidently purchase software, and enjoy the process while doing so. We believe that choosing the right software enables thriving companies, and that's why we've built Clearfind.

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We are always looking for smart people to join the team, so if you want to see a change, like the one we are after, join us. We work remotely so you can be based anywhere in the world.

James, Jocelyn & Paul

Clearfind’s leadership

James Layfield
C.E.O, Cofounder
Jocelyn Simons
C.O.O, Cofounder
Paul Franzen
C.T.O, Technical Cofounder

“We’ll save you weeks of work. Let our analysts run a software search for you for free ”

James Layfield — Founder, CEO